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A man with a fake name and working for a fake news organization who has fake credentials is able to obtain a presidential press pass, despite being refused a congressional pass, only days after the fake news service is created. This man with a fake name and working for a fake business is able to come within spitting distance of the President of the United States.
This man who works for a fake business and is using a fake name is called on by both the president and the press secretary. He asks leading questions like "How come everyone else but you sucks?" , and "How come your sclong is way bigger than everyone elses?", and "How many rose-scented golden bricks did you squeeze out of your muscular heiny this morning?"
This man with the fake name is associated with questionable internet-based businesses that have domain names like "" and "". These websites appear to offer pornographic and sexual services in exchange for money. A picture on the internet appears to show the man with a fake name oiled up and looking all sexy like.
To a simple rube, otherwise known as 'taxpayer', like me, the situation would appear to be thus;
The rabidly fundamentalist and homophobic Bush administration is being orally serviced, so to speak, by a man whore.
Could it be that I have managed to capture the elusive and infinitly intricate defenition of irony? Or did I miss the whole point entirely. I can never tell.
So on to my question....
Why does the Bush administration allow such a compromised individual, (he is directly connected not only to the republican financiers of both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, but to an implicit act of treason), to occupy such a prestigious and high profile position in the role of an obvious plant?
Could male prostitution be, in some small way, involved?

Fake White House correspondent unmasked by bloggers
"An anti-gay conservative GOP writer has had clients dealing with gay escort services and gets immediate access to the family-values president of the United States and internal CIA documents concerning one of the biggest scandals of this administration. No story there!"

Fake reporter infiltrates White House press room
...conservative journalists to support George W. Bush's ... or Bernstein, but he asked Bush softball questions ... someone with connections to male prostitution was given ...

Bush press pal quits over gay prostitution link
Gannon had written that liberals were out to get him because he's a white conservative man who owns a gun, drives a sport-utility vehicle and is a born-again Christian.

Newsman using false name quits
Online reporter for Houston-based site is accused of writing pro-Bush propaganda

A conservative writer who attracted attention by asking George Bush a loaded question at a news conference last month has resigned amid questions about his identity and background.
McClellan said he had been was unaware of Guckert's affiliation with any sexually suggestive domain addresses.

The conservative reporter who asked President Bush a loaded question at a news conference last month resigned yesterday after liberal bloggers uncovered his real name and raised questions about his background.
Among the domain names registered by Gannon's company several years ago, but never launched, were, and, along with

Why are Aaron Brown, Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, Roger Ailes, Chris Matthews, Paula Zahn and all our fabulous corporate talking heads acting like nervous whores in church in dealing with the scandalous story surrounding a certain Jeff Gannon?
Zoom in with me now for a tight camera shot for Jeff Gannon is Joseph Campbell's famous throat-to-asshole snake slithering into the den of our national news snakes and then slithering right up to the largest mirror in the room and casting his image --- their image --- right back to them!

Scandal in the Press Corps
Press Secretary Scott McClellan frequently called on him during the mid-day briefings, using his fake name. McClellan was consistently rewarded with questions that -- in stark contrast from most of what passes for questions in that room -- were more expressions of conservative dogma than actual attempts to elicit information.

There is plenty of evidence of serious propagandizing by this administration, and Fox is up to their necks in it. The issues raised by this faker are not about on-line vs. paper, or a conservative questioner “to balance out' the liberals Fox sees everywhere. The Secret Service and the president's communications team had to be involved in this, and apparently Fox is leaving it up to the liberal media and bloggers to further expose the details.
Everyone is missing the one factor that provides the true underlying connection here between Iraq, the Pentagon, Gitmo, Jeff Gannon, the White House, GOPUSA, George W. Bush, and m4m (porn slang for men for men), hotmilitarystuds, military escorts, and military porn. We have stumbled on to the network that originated the Abu Ghraib strategy of winning the War on Terror!

In what can only be described as journalistic malfeasance, the controversial Kurtz came to the defense of the mysterious right-wing pseudo-journalist, claiming that bloggers had wrongly dug into his personal life. Kurtz went on to opine that any journalist could get a day pass to the White House and ask the President a question.
The blogging world did what the lackey mainstream press will no longer do, expose a story that is at the epicenter of the deceit and propaganda media campaign central to how the Bush Cartel continues to control America. The Gannon story touches upon everything from manufactured news to manufactured "reporters" to the Valerie Plame affair to websites that have a connection to the White House, but appear independent, to a Bush Cartel hypocrisy about gays, to payola, to scripted Bush news conferences, to who knows what. This is a BIG media story that should be on the cover of the New York Times and Post.

Propaganda-Gate; Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert Still Does Not Get It
This same fake reporter may have got his hands on a secret internal CIA memo that he mentioned in an interview he had with Valerie Plame's husband, former ambassador and administration critic Joseph Wilson. This is the only story. This is a serious story. This is a story that needs REAL journalism to get to the bottom of.

Democrats Want Investigation of Reporter Using Fake Name
The Democrats also wrote to the Secret Service seeking an explanation of how someone using a pseudonym was cleared to enter the White House daily press briefings as well as a presidential news conference last month. They said in their letter that allowing such a person in "appears to deviate significantly from heightened security measures you have employed recently."

Loose 'Gannon': White House Reporter Is Really James D. Guckert
Another intriguing issue is his involvement, along with the better-known Robert Novak, Judith Miller, and others, in the Valerie Plame/CIA episode. Gannon's name turned up on a list of reporters targeted for questioning by the federal prosecutor in the case. Froomkin of the the Washington Post wrote last spring that "the reason Gannon is on the list is most likely an attempt to find out who gave him a secret memo that he mentioned in an interview he had with Plame's husband, former ambassador and administration critic Joseph Wilson."

In the wake of revelations about ex-reporter “Jeff Gannon,” veteran White House correspondents told E&P today they could not recall another instance of a credentialed reporter using an alias allowed on that beat.
"Some terrorist could invent some publication and put through their name and get in," he said. "It raises the question of whether it is appropriate for the White House Press Office to clear people who are operating under aliases."

Never before has the new media flexed its muscles collectively, so well, as in the recent case of a liar named Jeff Gannon. Well, Jeff Gannon wasn’t actually his real name. That was a lie too.
Gannon is just the tip of the iceburg, merely the latest in a long series of "reporters" outed as paid propagandists for the administration. Gannon is not unique. The media has long ago abandoned its self-professed role as watchdog on government abuse. Not one of the networks ever examined the claim of Iraqi WMDs objectively.

"It appears that 'Mr. Gannon's' presence in the White House press corps was merely as a tool of propaganda for your administration," Slaughter wrote.
The White House had no comment.

WHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN: WHAT IS A REPORTER?Q Was the White House aware at all -- was the White House aware -- was the White House aware at all about the online websites that he was linked to?
MR. McCLELLAN: No. This has only come to my attention through the news reports, just a few reporters calling in.
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