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Heather Wilson is still a Sick Fuck!


Heather Wilson is a sick fuck!

New Mexico Republican Representative Heather Wilson claims to Honest, Effective, and Independent. Wilson even claims never to have told a lie. Rep. Wilson lacks credibility.

A few days after being appointed as New Mexico Secretary of Children, Wilson ordered a confidential file about her husband removed. Don’t believe me, Watch the video. (PLEASE don’t censor this web address)
At the end of the interview where Heather Wilson is clearly caught lying, she steals Target 7 Larry Barkers investigative file on camera! There are some who would say this is old news, but given the current Congress Critter scandal & alleged Cover up, I disagree. It’s the cover up stupid. It’s always the cover up. It is the naked Hypocrisy stupid.

Wilson cried after Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl. What will we tell the children she sobbed? She voted to impeach President Bill Clinton for spilling Satan’s Jism inside the Oval Office. Yet Wilson continues to feign absolute ignorance about the Foley Scandal, just like Iraq’s Civil War, Bush’s Tyranny, and the truth.

If Politicos are allowed to lie about small things, they will lie about big things.

As for effective, when Rep. Heather Wilson was on the Armed Services Committee she says she questioned ‘intelligence’ about Iraq’s infamous WMDS. For all the talk of Government Intelligence Failures, no one ever gives any credit to the millions of pre emptive protesters around the world that questioned the threat from Iraq’s WMDS and Iraq’s alliance to “Al Queda” and the Nine Eleven. The protestors were right. The Government and news media are still in a bubble, still lying about Iraq and Nine Eleven.

Now that Rep. Wilson is on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence she doesn’t seem to be questioning the latest National Intelligence Estimate that is extremely pessimistic about drifting sideways in Iraq? In the last month over 1,000 U.S. Troops were wounded in Iraq! Wilson is still lying about Iraq or has some serious cognitive dissonance.

Rep. Wilson claims to exercise oversight on the Executive Branch, but in the last 5 years the President has issued signing statements giving him the authority to ignore over 800 laws passed by the Legislature. That isn’t exercising oversight, that is appeasing Tyranny. Rep. Wilson took an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, not the Grand Old Party, not George W. Bush, not Israel or AIPAC. Rep. Wilson claims to have stood up to the White House on it’s illegal warrant-less wiretapping on U.S. Citizens, illegal secret prisons, but mysteriously later relented and backed off voting to legalize illegal programs.
The Military Detainee Act is unconstitutional and will not protect U.S. War Criminals.

There isn’t any oversight from this corrupt congress, not even amongst itself. From former Rep. Delay, Rep. Cunningham, Rep. Ney, Rep. Foley. Rep. Wilson was the #1 Recipient of Foley money; she donated the filthy money to Christian groups! What would Jesus think?

The stench of Elephant and Donkey crap in the room is unbearable to empowered and informed members of American society. Living under a one party dictatorship in a feeble two party system is depressing. We ultimately get the leaders we deserve, we do it to ourselves. How could anyone think our Republic was immortal? The Republic is dead.
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So when do we get invaded to remove the rogue government that spies on its own people, gases its own people during anti War protests, stages "terrorist" attacks, holds crooked elections, attacks other nations without cause, and uses torture on innocent people looking for WMD that don't exist?

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