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9/11 Commission Staff Report onFAA Failings Published on Web
Document Updates Previous Archive Posting on Censorship of Aviation Warnings Leading up to 9/11

Waxman calls for hearings on new 911 evidence
Why did Condoleeza Rice state: "I don’t think anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center."?

"The Jews are using us to front for them and the Russians are using the Iranians to front for them. A nice proxy war. "
Civil war is about to break out in earnest there and we haven’t a clue. I told a Pentagon bigwig yesterday that when the whole thing caves in, Bush will put the blame onto the Army for lying to him and letting the American people down. He believed me and asked me for advise. I suggested that if Bush were no longer President, he could do no further damage to anyone. Point was well taken. These are certainly interesting times.”

Israeli Spying and 9/11
"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
-- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

The Pentagon's 'NATO Option'
Here’s the money part from one of the field manuals (FM 30-31B):
"...when the revolutionaries temporarily renounce the use of force ….US army intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince Host Country Governments and public opinion of the reality of the insurgent danger…” That’s to say, if there wasn’t any terrorism to speak of, the secret armies were prepared to get some going.

So, here we are today. Like the Romans of Crassus' and Cicero's time, or the Germans under a newly elected Hitler, we are being warned that a dangerous enemy threatens us, implacable, invisible, omnipresent, and invulnerable as long as our government is hamstrung by that silly old Bill of Rights. Already there have appeared articles debating whether or not "extraordinary measures" (i.e. torture) are not fully justified under certain circumstances such as those we are purported to face.

These moves towards dictatorship seem to come in steady steps. We have so far accepted that Washington lied to us about the reason for the war in Iraq, Washinton attempted to white wash the 911 investigation, Washington sat mute at the obvious discrepencies in the last election.
And so, we now go to the next step: how quiet will the public remain as their rights are eroded? How quiet will they remain as the rest of the treasury is looted? Herr Bush is really counting on the people to allow themselves to slide downwards steadily into dictatorship, and so far he has been playing the people like a fine fiddle. Or, more accurately, he has been playing the public like they are a bunch of spineless patsies.

Concern spreads over drug given to troops,0,5177488.story?coll=ny-region-apnewjersey
None of it made sense to Pogany until he learned more about the white pills the Army gave him each week to prevent malaria. The drug's manufacturer warned of rare but severe side effects including paranoia and hallucinations.

Bush Used Tax Dollars for Propaganda

'Gannon' Interview: No Plame Subpoena, No Tie to White House, He Says
Guckert quit earlier this week after bloggers revealed that he had been reporting from the White House under an alias. They also alleged that he might have been “planted” by White House operatives to provide a positive spin for the administration, and they showed that he had helped set up several sexually oriented Web sites. His connections to the Plame case have now gained increasing attention.

Another One Bites The... Dust:
The fallout from the Armstrong Williams scandal continues with another Conservative ringer calling it quits. It may be remembered that Mr. Williams, who together with his partner, Oprah Winfrey's boyfriend Stedman Graham, accepted $240,000 to tout Mr. Bush's No Child Left Behind Initiative. Next to reveal accepting payments from the Administration was anti gay marriage author Maggie Gallagher, who took twenty one large from Mr. Bush's government. Now the latest, and to this writers mind the most interesting, "reporter" Jeff Gannon, who runs the Conservative Republican website Talon-News and was given a White House Press Pass and access to classified CIA memos relating to agent Valerie Plame has been forced to shut down his e-zine. It was learned that Mr. Gannon, who's real name is Jim Guckert, also owns several Gay Prostitution web sites such as, and The self described "white conservative man who owns a gun, drives a sport utility vehicle and is a born again Christian" neglected to put in his bio that he also makes a few bucks pimping male soldiers for gay sex.

In taped CNN interview, Gannon misrepresented Senate Intel report findings on Joe Wilson
Gannon's false claim echoes his assertion in a July 15, 2004, White House press briefing, in which he asked White House press secretary Scott McClellan!

Q You don't know whether we have secret detainees --
MR. McCLELLAN: Like I said, Helen, I don't have anything else to add to this issue.
Q Why?
MR. McCLELLAN: Go ahead.
Q Scott, I have two questions. The President's critics and John Kerry really leaned on Joe Wilson's contentions to say that the President lied getting us into war, and that he wasn't going to reconstitute his nuclear program. This certainly pointed to Dick Cheney's appearance on Meet The Press where he made that contention -- they would point to Joe Wilson and say, that's nonsense. Are you saying that the President doesn't at all feel vindicated by the CIA report and the Butler report in Britain that --
MR. McCLELLAN: I said I think the reports speak for themselves on this issue.

CNN news exec. quits after controversial remarks
The newswhores who lied about the WMDS still have their jobs!

CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan quit Friday amid a furor over remarks he made in Switzerland last month about journalists killed by the U.S. military in Iraq. Jordan said he was quitting to avoid CNN being "unfairly tarnished" by the controversy.
During a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum last month, Jordan said he believed that several journalists who were killed by coalition forces in Iraq had been targeted.

US 'targets' journalists in Iraq
US military authorities in Iraq have declined to comment.

Insurgent attacks fuel fears of rising violence in Iraq
In western Baghdad, a roadside bomb killed an American soldier.

Sectarian violence kills 23 in Iraq; latest election results show big Shiite wins
A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said turnout in the insurgency stronghold of Anbar province was believed to be ''in single digits,'' although no figures have been released from that area.

Iraqi Resistance forces in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul met the US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Friday morning with a barrage of 36 Grad rockets that blasted into the US al-Ghazlani airbase headquarters of the local American troops where Rumsfeld was visiting.
Resistance fighters tried to shoot down Rumsfeld’s airplane with a SAM-7 rocket, but the missile went off course, leaving all the fleeing US aircraft unscathed.

Iraq Election Results Available Tomorrow
The ticket headed by pro-U.S. interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi was running a distant third.

Sorry George, but Iraq has given you the purple finger,2763,1411350,00.html
And that's the real prize: the freedom to be occupied. Wow - do I stand corrected.
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