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In the next world war - I am born again - transitory fascist tumult - fucking class - I'm pro life and pro choice - I don't hate freedom - They can only kill me with a golden bullet - The plastic zionist assassins - Ain't no shame in being pro jewish anti zionist for a free palestine - 67 borders - No Peace with Occupation - israelis arrested at the nine eleven dance party - to destroy or not to destroy - destroy the libaries - destroy the nations - History repeats because dumb motherfuckers never learn from history - It is the end of the war game - siren wail rots and buzzes to the sound of the buddhist ohm - Madonna woke with a start from her zionist dream - She refers to her pussy as industry - XXX Christians crave the oil from dead dinosaurs - free abortions for everyone - How many fetus'zzz has the US. Military exterminated - freedom bombers - god bombers - smart bombs - stupid monkey face - era hell a reign of fake terror - have you ever seen a terrorist - George Bush is bad for my constitution - How do you answer for your crimes - preventive war - The last thing I remember is walking through the walls of the Chateau Marmont - Smoking a spliff - I am neither left or right - high or low - The United States in America are trying to be Rome in the next bible - The Joint Forces To Get Rid Of Spies - Mundus vult decipi - The world wants to be decieved - faking the folk - Exposing the nazi international - The Gorilla swings in the sea of the people - Don't let the oligarchs steal our revolution - Good For Nothing - I am so sick of myself - History is breathing down our necks - the uneasy fall of 2004 - I always thought the culture war was benign - it is malignant - welcome to the 4th reich - Wolfowitz as Joan of Arc - quite the slut - it's always been like this - what got you all funky in the rut - Are you for or against love - Freedom is Gods gift to the human mankind - bush is our servant not our master - I'm sorry massa bush, don't hit me massa bush - myth hides nothing - A whole lot of queer things have been happeneing around here - Zionist Hoodlums with brownshirts roam the campus - the stickers are sticking - sometimes they just look stupid and ugly and sometimes they rise up and bring down the government - they don't speak for us - reconciliction in the end - come to terms with conspiracy - so worshippers/evildoers gathered in worship/evildoing tongues wet with anticipation of devouring misadmired by the masses/asses - I just bounce over the right and the left - I just bounce - In your world if you benefit from the wrongdoing of your fathers then you inheirit the obligation to right the wrong - If you do not then who shall - where does the accountibility lie for the consent of violence in culture - fly a bike plane into the missile with a bag of gas - end of the wargame - we reap exactly what we sow - a toothbrush in the ass - - my eight fingers are eight armies - thumbbombs - we might just break can you see us trying - we might just break can you see us crying - Emergency Communication Control - I'm gonna tell you the damndest story - the ayatollah of rock and roll ah - the american government is sitting on top of the washington monument - 911 victims are collateral damage - Do not expect too much at the end of the world - His sterility was infinite - military industrial prision complex - power is always in existence - human beings can witness their own destruction - the gulf war did not take place - it was a media event - Love Work and Knowledge are the well springs of our life - sexuality - a chic psychic illness - the death of millions of people in war is the result of the overt social negation of life - transitory fascist tumult - I can not prove anything - deal with it - there is no absolute truth - nothing is true because everything is permitted - a fish taco peace party - America was a dark land before the indians arrived - when the indians demonstrated continued resistance to european "enlightenment" the "christians" gleefully resorted to genocide and concentration camps as final solutions - pray read read read reread work and you will find promising vigorous intellect slobbering bloated idiot - Surely the rest of life matter - We are decomposing in the micro and the macro -The ant wars -My spirit craves an epiphany -Complete withdrawl - self absorbstion - full civic engagement - reciprocity - May we take possession of this land Iraq - that God has providedand let it drip milk and honey and oil into our mouths forever - HIROSHIMA - BAGHDAD - ALBUQUERQUE - al "QUEDA" in ALBUQUERQUE - Albuquerque stands at the crossroads of the nuculear age - We are in the crosshairs of nookular war - I was never afraid of Scud Missiles - I'm not afraid of Dirty Dirty bombs or Anthrax or whatever. I used to be afraid to die in a nuclear strike, but I'm not afraid anymore. I just hope I won't have to survive it to live under Martial law in the Fourth Reich - I have come to the end of myself I suppose!
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So when do we get invaded to remove the rogue government that spies on its own people, gases its own people during anti War protests, stages "terrorist" attacks, holds crooked elections, attacks other nations without cause, and uses torture on innocent people looking for WMD that don't exist?

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