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Neoconservatives push internment for American Muslims
... but of course, Hitler was a total asshole for doing the same thing in Germany.

A Fascist America
How close are we?

Wake up and smell the fascism
It is in times of fascism rising that armies of ignorance are once more resuscitated from the bowels of a society bordering on the edge of mass psychosis. The America at the dawn of the twenty-first century is no exception...

You're a U.S. citizen landing at a major airport from abroad. You're pulled out of line at customs, arrested, thrown in jail for a month and then spirited off to a military prison.
Nearly three years later, you're still there, never charged with any crime. The government claims it can hold you forever without answering to any judge or court.

More rights are being sacrificed monthly on the great satanic, neocon Zionist altar of lies, which are fed as a steady, daily diet through US 'news' outlets to the American public. Forget the Movietone news clips of WW2...which captive audiences were forced to watch (early brainwashing) for a few minutes in movie theaters before the film they had paid to see lit up the screen.
The electronic media of today is a light year ahead...and makes the Movietone newsreels appear, in comparison, like a Disney cartoon. Today, we don't go to the theaters for 'news' any longer. Instead, we are drenched in 'news'...sordid, dripping audio and visual images of death, lies, propaganda and corrupted 'truth' which is spewed from countless millions of radios and televisions around the clock. And beyond the sounds and images are, doubtless, embedded electromagnetic frequencies and other unregulated technologies which further program the hive mentality and abject obedience.

The coming crackdown on blogging
In just a few months, he warns, bloggers and news organizations could risk the wrath of the federal government if they improperly link to a campaign's Web site. Even forwarding a political candidate's press release to a mailing list, depending on the details, could be punished by fines.

Hunter Thompson friend confirms was on to White House callboy story
Hunter S. Thompson died mysteriously a few weeks ago, saying he believed the government may have been involved in 9/11, and he was concerned. He lived basically in a little armored compound... now they're saying he committed suicide.

Police heard shots as they headed to Thompson's ranch,1299,DRMN_21_3587245,00.html
Hunter Thompson, who reigned as a savage social critic and inventor of Gonzo journalism for decades, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the kitchen of his home on Feb. 20.

Ex-Ukraine minister 'kills self'
Ukraine's former interior minister has been found dead of an apparent suicide on the day he was to be questioned about the killing of an opposition-minded journalist, officials said.

Venezuela detects several US battleships near its coasts
The incident came shortly after President Chavez made public intelligence reports about an alleged US plot to kill him.

According to a former top Bush administration official, Russian special forces teams moved weapons of mass destruction out of Iraq to Syria.

Sen. Clinton urges punishment for Syria,0,4879807.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork
"I've been particularly troubled by the Syrians' aggressive posture," said Clinton.

Syria to pull out: Minister,10117,12447955-23109,00.html
"Dammit dammit dammit DAMMIT! Okay, okay, let me go; I'm all right. We can save this thing. Ummmm. We'll lure Syria into a sneak attack on Hawaii. No, wait, we already did that one. We could have the USS Maine blow up in a Syrian harbor and claim they did it! No? How about if we claim Syria has Saddam's WMDs? " -- screaming heard from inside the White House.

Assad to Announce Lebanon Pullback, Bush Wants More
Bush said "This is non-negotiable. It is time to get out ... I think we've got a good chance to achieve that objective and to make sure that the May elections (in Lebanon) are fair. I don't think you can have fair elections with Syrian troops there."

What right has President Bush or Conde Rice to dictate to the Lebanese Government?
Why is it that the “demonstrators” in Beirut, Lebanon, had all their signs in English?

House Republican leaders overcame earlier concerns and decided yesterday to give President Bush most of the emergency war spending money he requested last month, including $600 million for a compound in Baghdad that will be the largest U.S. embassy in the world.
The money will pay for construction of a diplomatic compound that will include housing, a cafeteria, office space and defense support facilities. The new compound will help consolidate the 1,054 trailers in Iraq that house 3,693 employees under State Department authority. Many of them are working in a former palace of Saddam Hussein, with the ballrooms divided into thousands of plywood cubicle offices.

Gas prices might increase 24 cents
"It's going to be brutal, horrendous." The U.S. dollar has fallen in value recently, also, and foreign oil sellers, who control most supplies, want more dollars per barrel to compensate.

Deficits and Deceit
And the consequence of the failure of the starve-the-beast theory is a looming fiscal crisis - Mr. Greenspan isn't wrong about that. The middle class won't give up programs that are essential to its financial security; the right won't give up tax cuts that it sold on false pretenses. The only question now is when foreign investors, who have financed our deficits so far, will decide to pull the plug.

Freedom Ain't Free: It's $2.57 Trillion Per Year
Perish the thought. It might seem an expensive price to pay for freedom, but you get what you pay for. I’d say for all the bribery, persecution, kidnapping, torture, and murder we get, $2.57 trillion seems about right.

DOD shy $574M for 2006 Iraq death benefit
The military has not budgeted for the $574 million needed to pay death benefits for troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan next year, according to Pentagon documents.

Bin Laden draws rare mention from Bush
The White House has sought to play down the significance of bin Laden to the global anti-terror battle, since the trail has gone cold on him more than three years after the Sept. 11 attacks. As a result, Bush hardly ever utters the name of the man he once declared wanted ''dead or alive'' and repeatedly promised would be caught.

Bush: Laden Could be Caught in a Minute
Bush recently said that Laden wants Zarqawi to form a group to organize attacks on the US.

It's been 1,264 days since G.W.B. said he'd catch U.B.L. 'Dead or Alive!'

U.S. Death Toll In Iraq Hits 1,500
U.S. troops are killed nearly every day in Iraq.

Usama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government
When you hear a threat which is "probably" made by bin Laden, just remember that he's "probably" dead. Also think about who benefits from your believing he's alive.

Al Qaeda in Iraq launches Internet magazine urging Muslims to join jihad
According to the counterterrorism expert, the magazine is an indication that the group is trying to improve its recruitment efforts.

Army Officials Voice Concern Over Shortfall in Recruitment
Top Pentagon officials acknowledged that the graphic images of casualties from Iraq and the obvious danger of serving there had caused many parents to advise their children to avoid joining the military now.

Iraq insurgents seize initiative
A spate of recent attacks in Iraq has underlined the determination of the insurgents to regain the initiative, following general elections which they had vowed - and failed - to disrupt, and which many Iraqis see as a qualified success.

Iraq is moving into its fifth month under an official state of emergency.
The emergency decree, first announced last November, gives the government the right to impose curfews and extra powers to make arrests.

American Jails in Iraq Are Bursting With Detainees
The growing detainee population reflects recent changes in how the military has been waging the war and in its policies toward detainees, the officials say.

Full text of Human Rights Record of the US in 2004
In 2004 the atrocity of US troops abusing Iraqi POWs exposed the dark side of human rights performance of the United States. The scandal shocked the humanity and was condemned by the international community. It is quite ironic that on Feb. 28 of this year, the State Department of the United States once again posed as the "the world human rights police" and released its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2004. As in previous years, the reports pointed fingers at human rights situation in more than 190 countries and regions (including China) but kept silent on the US misdeeds in this field. Therefore, the world people have to probe the human rights record behind the Statue of Liberty in the United States.

Iraqi Health Ministry confirms use by American occupation forces of internationally prohibited weapons in its attacks on al-Fallujah
"The difference is that our poison gas is GOOOOOOD. Saddam's poison gas was BAAAAAD!" -- Official White House Spokes-slug

The Super Macho Patriot Brigade
What are the qualifications for the Super Macho Patriot Brigade? Candidates must 1) be a vocal advocate of current US military operations, 2) be over age 40, 3) have not served in the military in their youth – which is to say did everything imaginable to avoid service during the Vietnam or other war era, and 4) earn an above average, very comfortable living substantially in part by championing service in the Iraq War.

Iran the next nuclear threat,5478,12435534^663,00.html
Israel sez so.

Iran building tunnels for arms
Other diplomats said on condition of anonymity that such moves were clearly motivated by Iranian concerns of air attacks by the United States or Israel, which both accuse the Iranians of trying to secretly build nuclear weapons.

Iran Time Bomb: Ticking, Ticking
The unspoken problem with this latest Neocon plot, I mean, plan, is that Iran, unlike the defanged Iraq, has the capacity to respond militarily, and who would blame them?

Israeli Air Force Training for Long-Range Bombing Missions
The television highlighted that the commander was referring to possible future missions against suspected nuclear facilities in Iran by showing footage of the new atomic power station that Israel’s arch enemy is completing with Russian assistance in the Gulf port of Bushehr.
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