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  It’s nice to live in a free democracy, isn’t it?
One run by ideologues and perverts.!
The dollar is in steady decline against almost all foreign currency, the balance of trade is a terrible disaster, our military policy, which exists solely to support Israeli Mideast goals, is killing both innocent Iraqi civilians by the tens of thousands and at the least over 6,000 GIs. Oil is not being sold, by nearly every producer, to the United States because they view Bush as another Hitler or Stalin and his soldiers as SS thugs and gas will eventually reach $5.00 a gallon at the pump, at least according to a Treasury Department confidential bulletin. When that happens, the pleasure-loving Americans might actually get fed up with Adolf Bush and throw him and his pseudo-intellectual thugs into the Potomac.

Nuke the Holy Land--For World Peace
I imagine a nation of dimwit leaders, who cannot even devise a life-saving plan to save one woman with a feeding tube, could hardly attain the wisdom of Solomon or the compassion of Jesus. But if someone doesn't acquire some diplomatic sense soon, we'll all be witnesses to an apocalyptic light show the world will not soon forget. Coming to a shrine or holy site near you.

Slay Goliath, sail the Ark – it will be a hell of a ride at Holyland,,2-1544218,00.html
Before leaving Ark Alive, billed as the place “where Disney meets the Bible”, children would also have the experience of expulsion from the Garden of Eden, being swallowed by a whale, escaping from a lion’s den and walking on water.

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership
On August 1-2, 1946, some Americans, brutalized by their county government, used armed force as a last resort to overturn it. These Americans wanted honest open elections. For years they had asked for state or federal election monitors to prevent vote fraud (forged ballots, secret ballot counts and intimidation by armed sheriff's deputies) by the local political boss. They got no help.

Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up',3604,1447863,00.html

Earth's health deteriorating, warns UN study

The Energy Crunch to Come
Soaring Oil Profits, Declining Discoveries, and Danger Signs

Indonesia Quake Death Toll Reaches 1,000

Pope gets feeding tube

The War on Terror Is a War on Freedom
And the real fun starts when you say "enough!"

Sleepwalking to disaster in Iran
Why June 2005?, I asked. 'The Israelis are concerned that if the Iranians get their nuclear enrichment programme up and running, then there will be no way to stop the Iranians from getting a nuclear weapon. June 2005 is seen as the decisive date.'

While Bush is bringing the light of "democracy" to the Middle East and beyond, the forces of darkness are aiming at the soft underbelly of the American giant – and sharpening their blades on the battlefields of Iraq.
Whether bankruptcy forces us into taking the right course, or the neocons drive us over the cliff, it seems that disaster is bound to overtake us in any event.

George W. Bush Discusses Freedom and Democracy!
In a democracy, the government must uphold the will of the majority while respecting the rights of minorities. (Applause.)

The Secret Service is investigating the claims of three people who say they were removed from President Bush's town hall meeting on Social Security last week because of a bumper sticker on their car that read: "No More Blood for Oil."
"They're screening the people who are allowed to come and then they're profiling them in the parking lot," he said. "It's quite extraordinary, and disappointing."

Q Scott, another question about this trip to Iowa tomorrow. And this is an issue that's come up here before, but it's back in the news today. There's a wire story from Colorado that three people were barred -- who had tickets to go to the President's Social Security conversation in Colorado were barred because of a bumper sticker that someone thought to be anti-Bush. Can you tell us what the guidelines are for local volunteers, in terms of allowing people to come in and hear their President speak?
MR. McCLELLAN: In terms of volunteers?
Q In the past you've blamed this kind of thing on over-zealous volunteers.
MR. McCLELLAN: I don't know all the specific circumstances you're bringing up regarding that event. But in terms of the events, we distribute tickets to these conversations, and they are typically given to congressional offices or institutions like -- at Notre Dame University we provided tickets to the university, and they distributed those tickets, or a congressional office distribute the tickets. In Tennessee, when we were, I believe it was Memphis -- when we were in Memphis we provided some tickets to Congressman Ford's office. And I think he had 40 or 50 tickets that he distributed. And so people came to the events, as well.
We welcome a diversity of views at the events. Obviously, the conversations that the President is participating in are designed to educate the American people about the problems facing our Social Security system, the problems that are facing it for our children and grandchildren. And so it's part of an educational effort. I think that there's plenty of people out there talking about the other side of the issue, and you see those people talking about it on a daily basis.
Q What are the marching orders that are given to the people at the door?
MR. McCLELLAN: I'm sorry?
Q What are the marching orders --
MR. McCLELLAN: I don't know. I'll be glad to look into it and see what else I can find. I don't know if there's formal marching orders, as you referred to them. But I'll be glad to look at them.
Q Are you concerned that the President is not hearing a lot of different viewpoints in these conversations?
MR. McCLELLAN: I think the President hears a lot of different viewpoints every day, when we follow the news. I mean, there's plenty of viewpoints being expressed on this issue. As I said, these conversations are about educating the American people about the problems facing Social Security. That's what they're designed for, to talk about the problems that we face and to talk about possible ideas for solving it. I think the American people expect that when members of Congress and their elected officials in Washington, D.C., see problems, that they work together to find ways to solve those problems.

The president has held Social Security rallies in more than a dozen states this year. The crowds are closely monitored for possible disruptions, and protesters are quickly escorted away.
Protesters often stand out because the crowds are packed with Bush supporters, who have been invited by a local GOP House member or organization. Those onstage at most of the town hall meetings are carefully screened people from the area who agree with the president's Social Security proposal. The participants typically rehearse what they will say with members of the president's advance team and rarely, if ever, say anything critical about his plan for private accounts.

Dubya's poll ratings go into free fall
Bush doesn't care if Schiavo lives or dies. Her body -- like the bodies of the 100,000 Iraqis he has killed, like the bodies of the American soldiers being chewed up every day in his Babylonian conquest, like the bodies of the poor and working people whom he is methodically and remorselessly cutting off from medical care, financial protection against catastrophic illness, and legal redress against corporate predators -- is just a means to an end, the only end Bush cares about: increasing the power and wealth of his own rapacious circle of privileged elites.

The time has come to let Terri Schiavo die with dignity - and in peace.

I have to confess...when I first heard that Laura Bush was heading for Afghanistan, the first thing that popped into my mind....they are going to "off" Pickles for the sympathy to improve W's ratings.

"It is a life issue that really does require government to be involved," Bush said aboard a plane bound for Afghanistan, where she was promoting education and women's rights.
Early Wednesday, a man was arrested when he tried to bring a plastic cup of water into the hospice. Officers stopped him at the gate as he shouted: "You don't know God from Godzilla!"

Almost twice as many Iraqi children are suffering from malnutrition since the U.S.-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein! many as 100,000 more Iraqis - many of them women and children - had died since the start of the U.S.-led invasion than would have been expected otherwise, based on the mortality rate before the war.

Iraqis caught a rare glimpse of their new parliament in action yesterday but were left surprised and disgusted as legislators failed to make any progress in naming a government almost two months after January's elections.
Instead, the proceedings degenerated into farce and chaos before they were eventually aborted altogether. "The only difference is that we were once ruled by a dictator and now we are ruled by clowns." Inside the conference centre that is temporarily housing the assembly, legislators queued up to receive gift wrapped mobile telephones!

Pentagon has clearer view of Iraq insurgency

Car Bomb in Western Baghdad
A suicide bomber on a bicycle blew himself up near a police patrol protecting pilgrims, killing two policemen.

U.S. Soldier: Killing Iraq Man Was 'Honorable'
The killing was filmed by a U.S. drone surveillance aircraft.

Rice Alarms Reformist Arabs with Stability Remarks
Washington would speak out for "freedom" without offering a model or knowing what the outcome would be.

Powell: U.S. Too Blustery Before Iraq War
"Some of this information was wrong. I didn't know that at the time,'' Powell was quoted as saying. "I have to live with that.''

Dissent on Intelligence Is Critical, Report Says

The US military has acknowledged it was responsible for killing two journalists working for Dubai-based satellite channel al-Arabiya who were shot close to a checkpoint in the Iraqi capital earlier this month.
The US military initially said it was unlikely its bullets had killed them.

New memo indicates Gen. Sanchez signed off on Abu Ghraib abuses, perjured himself before Congress
The ACLU today released a memo signed by Lieutenant General Ricardo A. Sanchez authorizing 29 interrogation techniques, including 12 which far exceeded limits established by the Army’s own Field Manual. More specifically, it points out that Gen. Sanchez committed purjury when testifying before Congress.

So now we know for sure what we all knew anyways: the only reason that anyone gave a happy monkey fuck about torture at Abu Ghraib is because someone blew the whistle. Because, see, now that we know about the torture of prisoners at a military base in Mosul, torture that occurred at the hands and clubs and other devices of Americans, it's pretty obvious what was already obvious except for those in deep Republican denial: torture is systematic, far-ranging, and unending for those imprisoned in the maniacal war on "terror."
Michel Foucault, that French bondage sodomite, knew that the tortured body had been disappeared from view on purpose: in Discipline and Punish, he considers "the disappearance of torture as a public spectacle. Today we are rather inclined to ignore it; perhaps, in its time, it gave rise to too much inflated rhetoric; perhaps it has been attributed too readily and too emphatically to a process of 'humanization', thus dispensing with the need for further analysis. . .Punishment of a less immediately physical kind, a certain discretion in the art of inflicting pain, a combination of more subtle, more subdued sufferings, deprived of their visible display, should not all this be treated as a special case, an incidental effect of deeper changes? And yet the fact remains that a few decades saw the disappearance of the tortured, dismembered, amputated body, symbolically branded on face or shoulder, exposed alive or dead to public view. The body as the major target of penal repression disappeared." At Guantanamo and in the new and old dungeons of Iraq, the American state is at work, in secret, making its frustrations known on the hidden bodies of those guilty and not guilty. He is us. Goddamnit, he is us.

Jacko: I was virgin till 32

Photographer Larry Clark was hot for teen decadence before the rest of the culture caught on.

Is it not a strange blindness on our part to teach publicly the techniques of warfare and to reward with medals those who prove to be the most adroit killers? – Marquis de Sade
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