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This is a really interesting period of my life. The public is discovering that our Republic is run by fags and Jesus freaks, the President is stealing the Treasury for his retirement fund, we are losing the war in Iraq, the PRC is threatening to dump our dollars and ruin us, gas will go to $5 a gallon, our Senate is wasting time trying to pose as saviors of a brain-dead turnip in Florida, we have no oil coming in and they are going to drill everywhere possible, including downtown Houston and Arlington Cemetery, it’s very clear that Bush and Rove have perverted and bought out the media wholesale so that no one believes what any of them say anymore, the religious wierdos are trying to force their fairy tale nonsense on everyone else, there is a growing frenzy in the White House to manufacture some “terrorist” incident so that doubting Americans can return to worship at Bush’s shrine, our “allies” are leaving our Coalition in droves, we bribed the Italian Prime Minister to stay with us, ( the Poles and Ukrainians can easily be bribed with the chump change in Bush’s living room couch), thousands of soldiers are deserting, shooting themselves in the feet or fleeing to Ireland or Canada, Jeff Gannon and Ken Lay are threatening to “tell all’ if Bush doesn’t do something nice for them. Like pardon them and rehire them. This list goes on and on and now you see why I call this the Monkey Palace. If the Bush supporters in Iowa could spend one day in this place, they would reregister Communist and chase Bush, Fat Karl and others down Pennsylvania Avenue armed with farm implements. Fat Karl would be the first to collapse and the mob would be carrying bits and pieces of him around the Mall on pikes. FOX would go into mourning and the pathetic “Ann Coulter” would go back to the family pig farm in tears. Yesterday, I encountered a staffer, an older woman with sensible shoes and a cat at home named ‘Mr. Wumples’ who actually cried in my office because she discovered certain very ugly things about Her Sacred President. She may quit and take up work as a crematory operator. I always say you get what you pay for and when the Fiscal End Days come upon us and Bush is safe from extradition in his new tica in Costa Rica, that loud noise in the background is me laughing because all of my money is tied up in gold and euros.”

It's really sad that we see more coverage of the American Idol voting fiasco in the news (?) than we ever saw about the complications in Ohio and across the U.S. for the 2004 presidential election. Guess that's where the priorities lie. Beautiful country!

The 2004 US Elections:The Mother of all Vote Frauds
"Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything." - Joseph Stalin

What occurred in Iraq on Jan. 30, 2005 was an American-brokered event, not an expression of Iraqi national unity. The U.S. lowering of the Shi'a vote is case in point.
Elections have been used in the past to cover up inherently non-democratic processes. Stalin had elections, as did Hitler. So did Saddam Hussein. The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Ba'athist Iraq were not burgeoning democracies, but totalitarian dictatorships. The point here is that elections don't bring democracy. The roots of any democracy lie in a people united in their desire to govern in accordance with a rule of law that guarantees the rights of all. Such people then create conditions in which elections can certify their desire by selecting those who will govern. This produces democracy. What occurred in Iraq on Jan. 30, 2005 was anything but such an expression of Iraqi national unity.

Counter-recruitment has become a key battleground in the effort to stop the war in Iraq and prevent future military adventures by George W.M.D. Bush and a compliant Congress.
Rather than PR campaigns with calls to patriotism, the military needs to reevaluate its programs, and the United States needs to reconsider its war-based approach to foreign relations. The public is getting wise to their racket and may soon refuse to be fooled by their efforts.

Army Expects Recruiting to Slump Further
One of those new approaches is designed to persuade more parents to steer their children to the Army."We're going to appeal to patriotism," he said.That might be done through a new advertising campaign, he said. He also is encouraging more members of Congress as well as senior Army leaders and Army boosters to spend time in local communities touting the benefits of military service.

Paralyzed Iraq vet to seek experimental treatment
"I have to go out of the country to do it because it's illegal in the United States, because it's a stem cell procedure!"

US soldier killed in Baghdad
Iraqi forces located two beheaded bodies believed to be of Iraqi soldiers on the main road between Baghdad and Abu Ghraib today.

Two US, two Iraqi soldiers wounded in Mosul suicide car bombing
Attacks against Iraqi and US forces are an almost daily occurrence in Mosul, which has become a new front for the insurgency since November.

Diving Into Falluja
“Look in my eyes. I have the eyes of a former sniper. You thought you had the goods on George Bush, didn’t you? You’ve been sandbagged, boy.”

Five Killed by Friendly Fire in Iraq
In the former rebel stronghold of Fallujah, police patrolled the streets and imposed a sudden, late-afternoon curfew, shouting through loudspeakers: "Close your stores and go home!" They also set up checkpoints and searched cars in the city.

OCCUPIED FALLUJAH, Iraq - Clashes erupted Thursday between Iraqi forces and rebels in the former rebel citadel of Fallujah
"There are clashes between the army and police and insurgents, but we don't have a toll yet," the defense ministry official said.

OCCUPIED BAGHDAD, Iraq - U.S. and Iraqi forces killed 85 militants at a suspected training camp along the marshy shores of a remote lake, one of the highest guerrilla death tolls of the two-year insurgency, officials said Wednesday.
"This string of successes does have positive repercussions in that it may convince Iraqis not supporting the insurgents - but not supporting the United States either - to perceive that the tide is turning and not go with the insurgents?"

Accounts of Iraq Raid Rife With Discrepancies
US military officials said the camp housed between 80 and 120 insurgents who were planning attacks on Iraqi cities, and that the role of US troops was only to provide helicopter support for Iraqi forces, CNN reported.

Insurgents cling to training camp after Iraq-US assault
A fighter named Amer, who claimed membership in the Secret Islamic Army of Iraq, said the men had never abandoned the camp and only 11 of his comrades were killed in airstrikes on the site.

U.S. bars Italians from examining victim’s car
Vowing to shed light on the incident, Washington has ordered an investigation into the shooting!

Once-Beautiful Baghdad Becomes Eyesore
Known for centuries as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, its landscape has been marred by concrete blast walls, barbed wire, steel barricades, sandbags and crumbling buildings pockmarked by bullet holes or gutted by explosions.

BUSH: US Not Planning to Attack Iran
Bush says speculation that the United States might attack Iran to end its nuclear program is "just not the truth," although he refuses to rule out the possibility entirely.

BLIAR: Nobody planning to attack Iran
"I don't know of anybody planning military action against Iran," Blair said.

Israel planning to strike Iran nuke plants
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she was not aware of the Israeli plans.

Iraq war: The smoking gun?
The critical paragraph of her letter, published yesterday under the Freedom of Information Act, was blanked out by the Government on the grounds that it was in the public interest to protect the privacy of the advice given by the Attorney General. But last night the contents of the paragraph were leaked, and Tony Blair was facing fresh allegations of a cover-up.
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So when do we get invaded to remove the rogue government that spies on its own people, gases its own people during anti War protests, stages "terrorist" attacks, holds crooked elections, attacks other nations without cause, and uses torture on innocent people looking for WMD that don't exist?

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