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68-year-old man gets shock of a lifetime when Cheney comes to town
Some words were exchanged, and the next thing you know Jay Saddington, of Warwick, Pa., was zapped with 50,000 volts from a police stun gun.

Oil Surges $2 on 'Super-Spike' Prediction
Oil hurtled back up to $56 a barrel on Thursday as Goldman Sachs bank, the biggest trader of energy derivatives, said prices could ultimately surge all the way above $100!

Dollar Drops Versus Euro, Yen After U.S. Jobless Claims Rise

Iran War in June 2005
Could it be that an Israeli-American bombing assault to disrupt Iran is the only way to counter this Iranian economic assault on the U.S. dollar?

Mr. Magoo Flying America into Disaster
And America is flying blind into mountains of disaster. As Bette Davis once said, "Hold onto your hats. It's going to be a bumpy ride."

Seymour Hersh: Bush is "Unreachable"
Hersh warned that when the price of oil reaches $68-$69 a barrel, this will be the crunch point in terms of real economic decline. If Bush wants to move against Iran, which is pumping about 3.9 barrels a day, he’s heading for trouble. According to Hersh, Iran will scuttle every ship in the Straights of Hormuz and the Malaca Straits in Indonesia. It will take months of dredging and salvaging to approach normalcy.

Bush Discusses WMD Report
The most solemn duty of the American President is to protect the American people.

Terri Schiavo Dies at 41
"Today, millions of Americans are saddened by the death of Terri Schiavo," he said. "Laura and I extend our condolences to Terri Schiavo's families. I appreciate the example of grace and dignity they have displayed at a difficult time. I urge all those who honor Terri Schiavo to continue to work to build a culture of life."

Pope Getting Nutrition From Tube in Nose
Pope's 'Living Will' Wants Life Support to the End

Jane Fonda says her 1972 visit to a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun site, an incident that brought her the nickname "Hanoi Jane," was a "betrayal" of American forces and of the "country that gave me privilege."
Fonda, whose memoir "Jane Fonda: My Life So Far" comes out next week, said she did not regret meeting with American POWs in North Vietnam or making broadcasts on Radio Hanoi. "Our government was lying to us and men were dying because of it, and I felt I had to do anything that I could to expose the lies and help end the war," she said.

Bush's plunge in polls tied to domestic issues
His approval rating climbed to 90 percent after September 11, which was the highest level attained by any president in the 67-year history of such polling.

Bush knew of terrorist plot to hijack US planes,11209,718312,00.html

Bush Knew Iraq Info Was Dubious
...despite objections from the CIA.

Bush Knew About Leak of CIA Operative's Name
Wilson has said he believes his wife's name was leaked because of his criticism of Bush administration claims that Iraq had tried to obtain uranium from Niger, which Wilson investigated for the CIA and found to be untrue.

Panel: CIA 'Dead Wrong' on Iraq WMDs
Bush appointed the commission a year ago, signing on to the idea of an independent investigation only belatedly. The White House had said it wanted to give the weapons search in Iraq more time.

Bush Welcomes Results of WMD Report
While the report dealt at length with how the United States overestimated the threat from former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, Bush focused his response on the need to avoid underestimating threats.

Iraq: The Trail of Disinformation
So, where did all this bad information come from? While the culprits would like to pin the blame on the Central Intelligence Agency, the facts point in a different direction. To cite just one example, the now-discredited claim that Saddam was trying to buy "Yellow Cake" Uranium from Niger came from the Pentagon, specifically from Paul Wolfowitz, using information the CIA stated was unreliable. Wolfowitz, and his assistant Douglas Feith, set up a special office called the "Office of Special Plans" in 2001, that fed information to the White House to urge the attack on Iraq. Shortly after the invasion, the OSP was disbanded.

FLASHBACK: Some CIA analysts felt pressure from Cheney over Iraq
Linked in light of today's report dumping the blame for the lies about Iraq's WMDs onto the CIA.

FLASHBACK: Report Says Cheney Pressured CIA on Iraq Report Says Cheney Pressured CIA on Iraq
Linked in light of today's report dumping the blame for the lies about Iraq's WMDs onto the CIA.

FLASHBACK: Cheney's CIA visits pressured us: analysts
Linked in light of today's report dumping the blame for the lies about Iraq's WMDs onto the CIA.

Four GIs Killed in Action in Iraq

Iraqis, Not Coalition, Must Defeat Insurgents, Rumsfeld Says

U.S. Holds About 10,500 Prisoners in Iraq
About 100 of those prisoners are under age 18!

The World Bank's board on Thursday unanimously approved the nomination of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, an architect of the Iraq war, to be the next president of the 184-nation development bank.
The bank's stated mission is to fight poverty and improve the living standards of people in developing countries.

Child hunger in Iraq said about double
Malnutrition among the youngest Iraqis has almost doubled since the US-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein, a hunger specialist told the UN Human Rights Commission yesterday in a summary of previously-reported studies on the nation's health.

Scientific Analysis Suggests US Presidential Vote Counts May Have Been Altered
A state-by-state analysis of the discrepancy between exit polls and official election results shows highly improbable skewing of the election results, overwhelmingly biased towards the President.
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