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  60 days left before war with Iran
Not until Americans taste the blood of war trickle down their virgin throats will they rise up against the fascist pigs that have stolen our government!

Pope fears Bush is antichrist
The pope worked tirelessly to convince leaders of nations on the UN Security Council to oppose Bush's war resolution on Iraq.

"Bushes" Attend Pope's Funeral
When Bush's face appeared on giant screen TVs showing the ceremony, many in the crowds outside St. Peter's Square booed and whistled.

"I think John Paul II will have a clear legacy of peace, compassion and a strong legacy of setting a clear moral tone," Bush told reporters on Air Force One as he flew from Rome to the United States just hours after the funeral. He said he wanted to amend his remarks to add the word "excellent."
"No doubt in my mind the Lord Christ was sent by the Almighty," Bush said. "No doubt."

When the war began, aides said that the Pope was "very disappointed and very sad" that Bush had ignored appeals to give peace a chance.
"From all continents come endless, disturbing information about the human rights situation, revealing that men, women and children are being tortured and their dignity being made a mockery of. ... It is all of humanity which has been wounded and ridiculed," John Paul II said.

Bush keeps low profile at John Paul II's funeral
Mr. Bush became the first president in years to conduct a full day's schedule on foreign soil without allowing a single press question, photograph or even fleeting image on videotape.

Throughout Asia, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs joined Catholics in church services and prayers to honor the pontiff.
In Tokyo, the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, urged people to continue the pontiff's legacy of peace.

The poor and powerful joined in a final farewell to Pope John Paul Friday at a momentous Vatican funeral watched by hundreds of millions of people across the world he had traveled.
But the funeral went well beyond Catholicism. It was watched in mainly Muslim Egypt, in Jewish Israel and even in Iran, where some ignored a ban on satellite dishes.

Terror scare after funeral
An Italian Air Force fighter forced an executive jet with a reported bomb on board to land near Rome today, where world leaders had just attended the funeral of Pope John Paul.

U.S. advises Americans to defer travel to Israel, avoid Gaza
"Settlers are reportedly planning acts of civil disobedience and other protests that at best will be severely disruptive and at worst may result in physical confrontations leading to violence," the State Department warning states.

TSA slated for dismantling!
White House asks agency's director to step down

Good Morning, Baghdad
I have a suggestion for a reality show. Take 15 Bush supporters and throw them in a house in the suburbs of, say, Falloojeh (Fallujah) for at least 14 days. We could watch them cope with the water problems, the lack of electricity, the checkpoints, the raids, the Iraqi National Guard, the bombings, and -- oh yeah -- the "insurgents." We could watch their house get bombed to the ground, their few belongings crushed under the weight of cement and brick, or simply burned or riddled with bullets. We could see them try to rebuild their life with their bare hands and the equivalent of $150.

An Old U.S. Foe Rises Again in Iraq
"At your service, Sadr! At your service, Moqtada!" the men chanted in formation. "We hear a voice calling us! The tanks do not terrify us, We're resisting! We're resisting!"

An Army sergeant who was wounded in Iraq wants a chance to remain in the military as an openly gay soldier, a desire that's bringing him into conflict with the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" policy.
The issue of whether gays should be allowed to openly serve in the military has received increased attention in recent months as the Army has struggled to meet its recruiting goals. A recent congressional study on the impact of "don't ask, don't tell" said that hundreds of highly skilled troops, including many translators, have left the armed forces because of the rule, at a cost of nearly $200 million, mostly for recruiting and training replacements for 9,500 troops discharged between 1994 and 2003.

U.S. Report Sees Gasoline Prices Moving Higher Still
An NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey published Thursday showed a drop in approval of Mr. Bush's handling of the economy to 41 percent from 46 percent two months ago. A USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll released this week found an even sharper drop, to 41 percent from 48 percent five weeks earlier.

He also said there was another incident in which Jackson took the boy away in a golf cart and kissed him in front of a Peter Pan display.

Royal wedding a 'shambles'

Hole Drilled to Bottom of Earth's Crust
Breakthrough to Mantle Looms
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