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The will of the people ended with Electronic Voting Machines.

Are Bush & Co. War Criminals?
Yes. Bush exceeded his authority when he invaded Iraq, because he did not actually have proof of Iraq's WMDs required by the Congressional authorization. By any definition of the word, Bush lied, and that lie alone renders the entire war a crime.

OCCUPIED BAGHDAD — Tens of thousands of supporters of a militant Shiite cleric filled central Baghdad's streets today and demanded that American soldiers go home, marking the second anniversary of Baghdad's fall with shouts of "No, no to Satan!",0,1066042.story?coll=la-home-headlines
Protesters burned the U.S. flag as well as cardboard cutouts of Bush and Saddam. Three effigies representing Saddam, Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair -- all handcuffed and dressed in red Iraqi prison jumpsuits that signified they had been condemned to death -- were placed on a pedestal, then symbolically toppled like the Saddam statue two years before.

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM - Thousands of Israeli police sealed off a flashpoint Jerusalem shrine on Sunday to foil a march by ultranationalist Jews that could have inflamed violence, complicating Israel's plan to withdraw from Gaza.
The Jerusalem compound, housing the 1,300-year-old al-Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques, is Islam's third holiest site. The site is the most sacred for Jews, treasured as the spot where biblical King Solomon built a temple and where a second temple was razed by the Romans in 70 A.D.

Former Mossad head: There is a danger of a coup in Israel
There is a danger of a coup in any nation where the leadership forgets that they are supposed to work for the people, not "harvest" them for personal glory and wealth.
Israel was supposed to be an independent state for the safety and security of the Jewish people. But everything Sharon's government does makes the world a more dangerous place for Jewish people, and having cost the American taxpayer four times the entire cost of the Apollo Moon Program, Israel hardly qualifies as "independent".

Sharon Leaves for U.S. to Meet With Bush
Sharon wants Bush to reaffirm his statement from last year that it is "unrealistic" to expect Israel to pull back to the borders that existed before the 1967 Mideast War, due to large Jewish settlement blocs that have been built on the territory since then.

Does this mean we are the new 'SS" ? Sharon's Sycophants !

Sheik Yussef, who was recently freed from prison, was able to slip into Jerusalem undetected but Israel's Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra played down the incident, saying "it was not the end of the world".,5744,12813612%255E2703,00.html
Several thousand police were deployed in and around Jerusalem's Old City yesterday to prevent Jewish entry on to the Mount and to keep Jewish and Palestinian militants apart.

Teachers and Classmates Express Outrage at Arrest of Girl, 16, as a Terrorist Threat
According to a government document provided to The New York Times by a federal official earlier this week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has asserted that both girls are "an imminent threat to the security of the United States based on evidence that they plan to be suicide bombers." No evidence was cited, and federal officials will not comment on the case.

Iraq war widow's own life comes to tragic end
The year after his death became a struggle for the widow, her friends say. She turned into an outspoken critic of U.S. policy in Iraq.

U.S. cash goes down the drain in Iraq
U.S. Officials say Iraqis have let rebuilt sewage, water and power plants fall back into disrepair.

Signs of hostility within "al-Qaida" NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK emerge in Iraq
Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed news reports in Arab media that factions of the insurgency may be indirectly negotiating with authorities to lay down their arms in return for amnesty, jobs and reconstruction money. The Iraqi government has not commented.

Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act." [Washington Times September 10, 2001]

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the glass in Iraq is three-quarters full, which is why stories on the subject are buried so deep in the paper they might as well be in Sandy's gusset. Saddam's old prison state is now the first Arab country with a non-Arab head of state: a Kurd, Jalal Talabani. When you're trying to make sense of the bewildering array of Iraqi politicians who prospered in the January elections, a good rule of thumb is: Chances are they're guys who've been stiffed by the CIA. President-to-be Talabani fell out with them a decade ago, when they pulled the plug on a U.S.-backed insurrection at 48 hours' notice and failed to pay the late cancellation fee. Talabani was part of the Kurdish delegation that had a ''secret'' meeting with CIA honchos in April 2002, in which the drollest exchange came when the Kurds expressed skepticism as to whether the officials present really represented the U.S. government.
How about if that $30 billion was allocated to, say, a program for subsidized bicycling helmets for grade-schoolers or some other federal boondoggle, and they bulldozed Langley, and gave the CIA director 20,000 bucks to put all his agency's global ''analysis'' up on a blog -- -- and invite comments from readers around the world? It couldn't possibly be less informed than the CIA's decades-long record of incompetence in the Middle East. U.S. intelligence needs a fresh start, and short of buying ol' Sandypants a larger pair of trousers and getting him to smuggle out every single classified document, it's not clear how it's ever going to get it.

During the last three weeks, television news -- cable and network -- have spent more time on the dying and deaths of two individuals than they have on all the civilian Iraqi casualties since the beginning of the war.
During this period of selective mourning, the White House oversaw the release of yet another not-so-independent commission's report, one reviewing the intelligence failures of all the pre-9/11 spook organizations. It went out of its way to claim -- a point the White House emphasized -- that no political pressure was exercised to gain the faulty intelligence the Bush administration was so eager to spread about and act upon. Most of that scandal was buried under the two death watches on TV, and administration spin was hardly necessary. It isn't an intelligence failure that the number of Iraqi civilian deaths still remains either contested or unknown -- pick your own figure: 10,000 or more than 100,000 -- but a more troubling failure: that so few Americans even want to know.

US 'smuggles wounded troops home' under cover of darkness
The Pentagon has been accused of smuggling wounded soldiers into the US under cover of darkness to avoid bad publicity about the number of troops being injured and maimed in Iraq. The media have also been prevented from photographing wounded soldiers when they arrive at hospital.

A former counterterrorism chief claims that the now discredited documents that showed Iraq trying to purchase uranium were fabricated right here in the United States.
This is important because the US Government is trying to spin the lies about Iraq's WMDs as some kind of dumb mistake. But as the Niger documents (and the fake Osama tape) prove, the US Government was deliberatly creating false documents to support the lies.

If the moon could talk, Intelligence Deception since Afghanistan!
Investigative article that sheds new light on the confession of Osama Bin Laden on tape to 9/11 and supports the possibility that it was produced by western intelligence. It also vindicates those who coined the term "Synthetic Terrorism".

If the moon could talk, Intelligence Deception since Afghanistan!
Investigative article that sheds new light on the confession of Osama Bin Laden on tape to 9/11 and supports the possibility that it was produced by western intelligence. It also vindicates those who coined the term "Synthetic Terrorism".

Mystery over Afghan black box,5744,12815202%255E1702,00.html
“The device had no records on it 25 hours before the crash time and the reason for that is not known,” said Qurban Mohammed Badakhshi, flight safety director at the Afghan Ministry of Transportation.

The Bush regime has spent millions of dollars in the past two months on its campaign to overhaul Social Security, narrowly skirting laws that prohibit spending of taxpayer funds to indirectly lobby Congress.
Federal law prohibits spending any public funds for publicity or propaganda designed to support or defeat legislation pending in Congress.

With George Bush's approval rating now at the lowest level of any incumbent president since World War II, are the hard times and absurd lies finally getting through to Americans?
Maybe Fox News and Rush Limbaugh don’t sound so smart today. Maybe it’s true, as many have seriously suggested, that George Bush really is, beyond any doubt, the single worst president in American history.

"Did you ever sleep with Scott McClellan Jeff?"
"He's a pig."
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