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Israel cranks up the propaganda against Iran
So when your loved one comes home at 2AM inside a cheap metal box with a cheap US flag draped over it, you will remember whose bright idea this latest war was.

Sharon Says Israel Has No Plan to Hit Iran
He added that he wanted it understood "that Israel is not leading the struggle" against Iran even though it was sharing information on the matter with the United States. "Of course we exchange intelligence," he said. "We exchange views, we discuss these issues, but it's not that we are planning any military attack on Iran."

Sharon: "Coalition" should 'put pressure upon Iran'
Bush understood the danger of Iraq possessing a nuclear weapon. Remember, I said one thing: One should avoid having or developing nuclear weapons by what I called irresponsible countries.

US says Iran at least 5 years away from N-arms
Washington charges that oil-rich Iran is using its civilian nuclear programme to cover up a quest for atomic weapons. Iran fervently denies the accusation.

Bush: Iraq Part of Democratic Revolution
The troops shouted "hooah," their all-purpose expression of approval, and chanted "USA! USA! USA!" They seemed heartened by the president's report that Iraqis are replacing U.S. forces as that country's primary peacekeepers.

Don't be fooled by the spin on Iraq
The US is failing - and hatred of the occupation greater than ever.

Videotape Shows American Contractor Held Hostage in Iraq
It quoted him as calling for the American government to "enter a dialogue with the Iraqi resistance" and leave Iraq quickly.

Twin Car Bombings Kill 18 in Baghdad
Insurgents kept up attacks Thursday against Iraq's security forces, which the U.S. military says must be able to impose a level of calm in the country before American troops can depart.

British and American troops will be withdrawn steadily from Iraq starting next year and are likely to be completely out of the country within five years, Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, said yesterday.
America and Britain have avoided spelling out their "exit strategy" for fear of being seen to "cut and run" and encouraging insurgents to believe that the coalition could be driven out by bombs and guns.

U.S. Mulls Military Bases on Foreign Soil
The U.S. military has been spending about $1 billion a month in Afghanistan, and the end of its mission there which includes pursuit of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is nowhere in sight.

Billions More for Military Contractors and Permanent Bases
Democratic senators say they have no choice but to join their Republican colleagues and approve $80 billion more for the wars.

14 `enduring bases' set in Iraq
The bases also would be key outposts for Bush regime policy advisers.

Afghanistan Wants Permanent US Bases
Permanent military ties are a subject, he said, that is "presidential in its level of interest." The military is bracing for a spring offensive by the Taliban, radical Islamic militants whose regime harbored Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda before the United States ousted it from power in 2001.

It's been 1,305 days since G.W.B. said he'd catch U.B.L. 'Dead or Alive!'

U.S. jailers at Guantanamo Bay beat a Bosnian detainee so badly he suffered facial paralysis and stuffed the man's head in a toilet, repeatedly flushing it until he nearly drowned, a suit filed Wednesday stated.
The Pentagon declined to discuss individual cases, but noted that U.S. policy forbade torture!

"One gay student asked whether government had any business enacting and enforcing laws against consensual sodomy?"
Following Scalia's answer, the student asked a follow-up: 'Do you sodomize your wife?' The audience was shocked, especially since Mrs. Scalia [Maureen] was in attendance. The justice replied that the question was unworthy of an answer."

Justice Scalia surprised his audience at Harvard University, telling them: "I even take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged.",12271,1317386,00.html
"I probably do have some gay friends, but I have never pressed the point," Justice Scalia responded. He offered no clue to the logic behind his claim that orgies eliminate social tensions.
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