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As the horror of the torture photos, the repressive legislation against Americans, and the endless lies and the stories of financial theft continue to blacken the government in Washington, I find myself feeling more and more sympathy for the Iraqi people.In fact, I find myself reading about what they do to beat back the Americans and I find myself taking mental notes about what techniques work the best against our out-of-control government.

The Emperor: Good morning. Today, I can report to you that we are making good progress in advancing the cause of freedom, defeating the forces of terror, and transforming our military so we can meet the emerging threats of the 21st century.
On Monday, I will meet Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the White House to discuss freedom's remarkable progress in his nation. Afghanistan now has a constitution, an elected President, and its citizens will return to the polls this September to elect provincial councils in the lower house of the National Assembly. We're helping Afghanistan's elected government solidify these democratic gains and deliver real change. A nation that once knew only the terror of the Taliban is now seeing a rebirth of freedom, and we will help them succeed. Thank you for listening.

Karzai 'Shocked' Over U.S. Torture Report
Meanwhile, a bomb exploded near a U.S. military patrol in southern Afghanistan, killing one American soldier and wounding three others, the military said.

Bush heils Afghan ties, but abuse stirs outrage
Bush did not mention the abuse report in his weekly radio address, which focused on Afghanistan and cited a “rebirth of freedom” there since the ousting of its Taliban rulers.

Afghan prisoners were 'tortured to death' by American guards
The harrowing stories of the deaths of Habibullah and Dilawar told in the report could prove as damaging to the US as the photographs of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq.

Bush says he does not fear violent reaction to photos!
"I don't think a photo inspires murders. I think they (insurgents) are inspired by an ideology that is so barbaric and backwards that it's hard for many in the western world to comprehend how they think," Bush said!

2 Death Certificates Issued For Afghan "POW"
Miles believes the twin death certificates -- one of them clearly altered -- are evidence of a cover-up. Pentagon officials say they've investigated Dilawar's death, along with at least two dozen other suspected criminal homicides, and have charged seven people.

Report implicates top brass in Bagram scandal
The investigation shows the military intelligence officers in charge of the detention centre at Bagram airport were redeployed to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq in 2003, while still under investigation for the deaths of two detainees months earlier. Despite military prosecutors' recommendations, the officers involved have yet to be charged.

...An interrogator called "Monster" - he had the word tattooed in Italian across his chest - who one sergeant praised as the "king of torture". One Saudi detainee testified that Spc Corsetti held his penis against his face and threatened to rape him.
There will be fears of an explosive reaction in Afghanistan. The New York Times report comes a week after at least 15 people were killed in protests in Afghanistan triggered by a Newsweek report which said US interrogators at Guantanamo Bay had flushed a copy of the Koran down a lavatory. Newsweek has since retracted the report, saying it was based on a flawed source.

U.S. soldier rapped for Koran abuse at lockup
Under White House pressure, Newsweek on Monday retracted a story that Schmidt determined a Koran was flushed in a Gitmo toilet, which the Pentagon slammed as "demonstrably false."
But two reliable military sources confirmed the previously undisclosed reprimand at the Camp Delta prison - contradicting Bush administration denials of any "credible and specific allegations" about Koran desecration at Gitmo.

Damage to U.S./White House, look in the mirror
It is said by the White House that Newsweek magazine damaged U.S. standing abroad with its since-retracted, short report on Qur'an abuse at Guantánamo. Because reports of such abuse have abounded for years, and have been reconfirmed by the Red Cross, we doubt that very much. But there is something else to be said on this issue: If Newsweek's story caused damage, it is but a speck compared with the damage caused by this administration and its well-documented habit of abusing prisoners in Guantánamo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Defacing Jesus by Defacing the Qur'an
Sadly, few American fundamentalist Christians realize that Islam recognizes that Jesus was not a heretic, but brought a message from God to mankind and that he gave people a path to God and to Heaven. Islam also recognizes his virgin birth and reveres his mother, Mary and his father, Joseph, and the Bible he brought from his Father, God. Muslims also believe that Jesus is in Heaven, taken their by God, and sits next to God in Heaven. All of this is in the Qur’an.


Al Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan began to assemble the equipment necessary to build a rudimentary biological weapons laboratory before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, letters released by the Defense Department show.
Very clever of those dirty Aye-rabs to use a strain of Anthrax patented by the US Government and only available at Fort Detrick!

U.S. faces questions over 'kidnappings' in Europe
Pressure is growing on the United States to respond to allegations that its agents were involved in spiriting terrorist suspects out of three European countries and sending them to nations where they may have been tortured.

Swedish papers illuminate CIA renditions
The CIA has not acknowledged playing any part in the expulsion of the two men. An agency spokesman in Washington declined to comment for this article, and U.S. Embassy officials in Stockholm also declined to answer questions.

Islamic Protest Outside US Embassy
“USA watch your back, Osama is coming back”, “Kill, kill USA, kill, kill George Bush”, “Nuke, nuke New York” and “George Bush, you will pay, with your blood, with your head”. They also chanted “UK you will pay, Zarqawi is on his way."

Danish director LARS VON TRIER "shocked" crowds at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL yesterday, when he branded US President GEORGE W.M.D. BUSH "an asshole!"

Iraq War Images Seep into Popular Culture
Iraq War Part of Fabric of American Life ?

Army recruiter is charged with rape
The military suspended operations of the nation's more than 7,500 Army recruiters Friday to refocus them on their mission after reported excesses to make up for a shortfall in new soldiers, the Associated Press reported.

Paper Prints More Photos of Saddam in Jail
The Sun defended its decision to publish the photos, which it said were provided by "U.S. military sources" it did not identify who hoped their release would deal a blow to Iraq's insurgency.

Is the US Recruiting for the Insurgency?
Many Iraqis and others from the Middle East are joining the resistance to the U.S. occupation of Iraq resulting in increasing violence, loss of life and undermining the U.S.-supported government. In the future they are likely to focus their attentions on the U.S. outside of Iraq and within the United States. The need to enforce an unpopular occupation is undermining not only security in Iraq, but in the United States as well.

Insurgency Delays "Reconstruction" of Iraq
Before the U.S.-led invasion, Baghdad residents enjoyed about 20 hours of electricity a day. Today, they get about 10, usually broken into two-hour chunks. There are also frequent fuel and drinking water shortages. And only 37 percent of the population has a working sewage system.

US Apache helicopters joined the battle. Al-Jarba, a Sunni and recent candidate for parliament speaker, said 10 guards died and claimed his home was bombed. He asked: "The terrorists were firing at me. Why did the Americans?"

OCCUPIED BAGHDAD, New Iraq - Two Task Force Baghdad Soldiers died May 19 at approximately 5:40 p.m. from wounds suffered when their convoy was fired upon by "terrorists" in another vehicle in central Baghdad.
The only foreign "terrorists" in Iraq are U.S. Occupation Soldiers!

The Terrorism Research Center
Mirror Image is an intensive, one-week classroom and field training program, designed to realistically simulate terrorist recruiting, training techniques and operational tactics. During the course, participants will receive insight into the mindset and rationale of the terrorist, through hands-on experience with the methods and means they use, and education about the ideologies that motivate them and cultural dimensions that influence their decision making process.

You want freedom?
Be prepared to have to take it. No government gives freedom. Government only gives more government. Government's only solution to the problem off too much government is to add more government.
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So when do we get invaded to remove the rogue government that spies on its own people, gases its own people during anti War protests, stages "terrorist" attacks, holds crooked elections, attacks other nations without cause, and uses torture on innocent people looking for WMD that don't exist?

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