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Bush's Global Clout Seen Growing ?
The president is riding what he sees as a strong re$election mandate to trumpet his goal of spreading democracy?

Later, just seconds before he went on TV to tell the world war had started, he vigorously pumped his fist and declared: "I feel good." The extraordinary gesture was in stark contrast to the furrowed brow and look of concern he adopted for the subsequent broadcast.
... as he lied this nation into a war of conquest.

America's recruiting dilemma
"Gee, I can't figure it! Nobody wants to sign up to go fight in a war based on lies and deceptions, get blown up, get raped, or come home with lungs full of radioactivity. What shall we do? What shall we do?"

If you're visiting our War Of Terror allies in Uzbekistan, the State Department has a message for you: Watch out for being blown up !

US May Expand War on Terror Beyond al-Qaeda
A new campaign targeting "violent extremism" could also prove controversial, given disputes in the Middle East about how to categorize groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the West Bank that act as political parties while also supporting what the United States calls terrorist activities. "You can't start drawing very precise lines -- security/counterterrorism versus the broader efforts to deal with the roots of terrorism," the intelligence official said.

US to widen focus against "extremism"
The Bush Regime has launched a high-level review of its efforts to battle terrorism, aimed at moving away from a policy that has stressed efforts to capture and kill Al Qaeda leaders and toward what an official called a broader ''strategy against violent extremism."

It's been 1,350 days since GWB said he'd catch UBL 'Dead or Alive!'

More fairy tales about Zarqawi
The US needs an arch-villain for propaganda purposes. Zarqawi was thrust into that role because a large segment of the population knows that Usama died in 2001.
One purpose of a single villain to focus on is to sucker the American people into believing that if we can "get" than one man, the war will be over. Of course, that is a lie, or the war would have ended when word got out Osama had died. The other purpose of a single villain is to obfuscate the fact that the US is dealing with a popular rebellion and is fighting the whole Iraqi people. Having a Zarqawi as the purported figurehead makes it look like the US is fighting only a few people following the "bad guy". But rest assured, if Zarqawi dies (by some reports this will be the second time) there will be another super-villain who will be manufactured to take his place to keep the charade going.

US shifts focus of terrorist battle
Much of the discussion has focused on how to deal with the rise of a new generation of terrorists, schooled in Iraq over the past couple of years. Top government officials are increasingly turning their attention to what one called "the bleed out" of hundreds or thousands of Iraq-trained jihadists back to their home countries throughout the Middle East and Western Europe.
Another aspect is likely to be the addition of public diplomacy efforts aimed at winning over Arab public sentiment.

Pentagon Officials Says No Credible Evidence of Koran Abuse
One reporter asked if a toilet was involved. General Hood replied, "A toilet was not involved."

Five Cases of Quran 'Mishandling' Found
The investigation also found 15 incidents in which "detainees" mishandled or inappropriately treated the Quran?

Inquiry by U.S. Finds 5 Cases of Koran Mistreatment
A front-page article yesterday reported on an American military inquiry's finding that guards or interrogators at the Guantánamo Bay detention center in Cuba "mishandled" the Koran in five cases. The headline exceeded the Pentagon's characterization, saying that the investigation revealed "harm" to the Koran. The Pentagon did not give specifics of the mishandling, so it was not known whether a Koran was actually damaged.

Eleven UK soldiers face war crimes trial
The UK is facing a formal investigation by the International Criminal Court in The Hague over allegations that the UK broke international law in Iraq by using cluster bombs in urban areas and by attacking power stations. The ICC is also studying war crimes claims based on the Mousa case and the deaths of other Iraqi civilians.

Wounded terror chief flees Iraq for emergency surgery
Officials in Washington believe that US forces may have lost their chance of capturing or killing him for now. “If he’s got to Iran, there’s not much we can do,” said one.

Iraqi forces launch biggest mission since Saddam?
Insurgents kept up their offensive on Sunday. In the town of Tuz Khurmatu south of the strategic oil city of Kirkuk, a suicide car bomber blew up his vehicle near an American military convoy, killing at least two Iraqis, police said. Witnesses said some U.S. casualties were evacuated from the scene by helicopter, but the U.S. military had no immediate information on the attack.

No Early Return from Iraq for U.S. Troops
While the security realities are increasingly suggesting that the U.S. deployment in Iraq may have to continue for six years or longer, it's far from clear that the new government can sell that idea to its own support base.

OCCUPIED BAGHDAD, New Iraq — Explosions rip through marketplaces, scattering blood and vegetables and leaving women wailing in the alleys. Bodies bob in rivers and are dug up from garbage dumps and parks. Kidnappers troll the streets, sirens howl through morning prayers and mortar rounds whistle against skylines of minarets.
With the insurgency killing more civilians, anger against American forces has intensified. Many Iraqis view the U.S. as an unwanted godfather who, despite his prowess and streams of military convoys, can't provide the basics let alone protect them from extremists who badger the nation with Internet screeds and jihadist rants on the radio.

Civil War in Iraq Looming.
Impeach Bush and Cheney and Then Try Them for Treason Against the Citizens of the United States of America.
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