Post American
Gaze on these images and know this is how the United States will be remembered.
ABC News: We're Not Interested in Covering the Iraq War !
Breaking Through The News Blackout in the US
When you have documents released from the British Prime Minister consisting of minutes of a meeting of intelligence and defence department ministers, and the legal finding of the Attorney General submitted to the Prime Minister on the illegality of the war in Iraq – these documents cannot be dismissed by calling them “a memo.”
British Intelligence Warned of Iraq War
Bush lied about WMDs to send your kids off to die in Iraq.
The Democrats have No Clothes: ’Leaders’ Silent on The British Memo
Those in Congress that refuse to impeach are just as guilty as Bush.
One of the arguments put forward by those who protect conspiracies is that too many people would have to take part for such a conspiracy to work.
That claim has forever been silenced by the current events in Iraq. The conspiracy to lie to the people of America about Iraq's mythical weapons of mass destruction did involve a huge number of people, the Neocons, the mainstream media, and almost all of Congress.
It is absolutely impossible that the mainstream media, with budgets in the millions and staffing in the thousands, missed the clues to the lie that bloggers operating on spare change all discovered. It is equally impossible that members of Congress, with even large budgets, and access to information that even the mainstream media could not see, were equally blind to the obvious indications of fraud daily uncovered and examined by the online citizen investigators.
Therefore, everyone who supported the now-exposed lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction did so willingly, including the mainstream media., and including the United States Congress.
So, just as the US Mainstream media cannot examine the lies about Iraq without implicating themselves, so too the Congress cannot delve too deeply into the fraud that started a war without advertising their own complicity. Nobody is going to believe that Congress was honestly fooled by the obviously fraudulent evidence, no more than they believe that the mainstream media was fooled by the obviously fraudulent evidence.
It is a conspiracy of mendacity; all are bound together by the shared lie. All protect each other for that is the only way they can protect themselves. Doubters are challenged with the question,"Do you really think all these people would agree to lie"?
To which I answer, "Tell us again about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction."

Gunmen Assassinate Top Iraqi Official
Insurgents have routinely targeted Iraqi government officials in a relentless campaign to derail the country's "postwar" reconstruction efforts.
Iraq Border Fight Rages, blasts hit Baghdad
OCCUPIED BAGHDAD, New Iraq - The blast echoed across central Baghdad and thick black smoke rose from burning vehicles in what has become a daily scene since Iraq announced a cabinet.
U.S. Says Iraq Border Operation Successful ?
In Baghdad, gunmen assassinated a top Iraqi Foreign Ministry official Saturday evening in a drive-by shooting while he stood outside his Baghdad home, police said.
U.S. Says Assault Intensifies at Syria Border ?
Iraqi freedom fighters toting machine guns and grenade launchers swaggered through the rubble-strewn streets of this town on the Syrian border Friday, setting up checkpoints and preparing to do battle despite a major U.S. offensive aimed at rooting out followers of
Iraq's most-wanted militant.
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi:The Dead Voice of "al Qaeda" in Iraq
"There is no real proof that he is alive. If he is supposedly moving around freely in Iraq, why haven't Iraqis spoken about him? He can't be that difficult to recognise with his wooden leg."
U.S. Says Some Sunnis Hint at Peace Terms in Iraq ?
"I think it's a scheme to wipe us out, destroy us," he said. "Their slogans about democracy are all but lies."
The Mystery of the Insurgency ?
"The insurgents are doing everything wrong now," he said. "Or, anyway, I don't understand why they're doing what they're doing."
Losing hearts and minds
''Look, check this out. You tell them this. You're not fucking leaving. Nobody's fucking leaving this house. You're not using the phone. Anybody comes, they're going to fuck stay here. OK? You give me a fucking hard time, I'll turn you fucking guys into the commandos, and they'll fuck you up." In the background, one soldier said, ''Hey don't translate that." Another soldier added, ''Yeah, don't say that." The soldier with the foul mouth said, ''That's what I tell them all the time." Again, a soldier said, ''You shouldn't say that."
Rice congratulates Chalabi, who fell from US favor
Once seen by the Pentagon as a possible leader of Iraq, Chalabi fell from favor because of incendiary statements about allowing Baathists back into Iraq's government. He also had a history of providing dubious intelligence and contacts with Iran that spooked Washington.
U.S. Urges Iraqi Leader to Answer Violence ?
U.S. Military Says Firm Action Needed to Stop Rising Sense of Insecurity Among Citizens
'Thousands' flee fighting in Iraq
US forces say they have killed about 100 rebels in the military operation. More than 400 people have died in attacks since Iraq's new government was announced on 28 April.
Thousands attempt to flee escalating violence in Uzbekistan
Relatives of the dead collected bodies and washed blood from the streets a day after troops fired into a crowd that included women and children.
Uzbek Unrest Spreads to Kyrgyz Border
The Uzbek leader blamed Islamic extremists for the revolt and said his troops were forced to open fire Friday when people he called criminals, who had seized a government building, tried to break through police lines. Witnesses counted more than 200 civilians dead.
As Many as 200 Killed in Uzbekistan
"This is not a rebellion of radicals. This is a rebellion of ordinary people who got tired of the Karimov regime." Uzbekistan is a U.S. ally in the war on terrorism, and the American military uses an air base in the country to support operations in neighboring Afghanistan.
Up to 500 Dead in Uzbekistan
Thousands of terrified Uzbeks waiting to flee across the border into Kyrgyzstan stormed government buildings, torched police cars and attacked border guards Saturday in a second day of violence spawned by an uprising against the iron-fisted rule of U.S.-allied President Islam Karimov.
U.S. values Uzbekistan but urges rights reform
"The police force and the intelligence service use torture as a routine investigation technique. No independent political parties have been registered, although they were for the first time able to conduct grass-roots activities and to convene organizing congresses."
USA plans to expand military presence in Azerbaijan close to Iran
"Oh no, nononononono, we are NOT planning to invade Iran! What EVER would give you THAT idea? You are just being silly. We are still hopeful that diplomacy alone will persuade Iran to give up their nookular bombs and let Israel go on being the only nuclear power in the Mideast, but since Iran won't even admit they have nookular bombs (like Iraq would never admit they had any), you can see we may have to resort to a military action to get those nookular bombs (just like we did in Iraq). See how it works?" -- White Horse Source
Newsweek sparks global riots with one paragraph on Koran
Hardliners also led the protest in Gaza, where Hamas organised a march of thousands of Palestinians through the Jabalya refugee camp yesterday. “The Holy Koran was defiled by the dirtiest of hands, by American hands,” a protester shouted as others burnt American and Israeli flags.
Afghan Leader Says Protests Aim to Hurt Nation's Image
The worst violence occurred Friday, when protesters threw rocks and the police shot back in four Afghan cities, threatening a security crisis for Mr. Karzai's struggling central government. Offices of the government, the United Nations and several foreign relief organizations also have been attacked.
Koran flushing not confirmed
Senior Defense Department officials yesterday said there is no evidence corroborating a news report that interrogators flushed a Koran down a toilet to intimidate Muslim prisoners held at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
U.S. must apologize over Koran report-Afghan paper
Protests spread across the Muslim world on Friday with thousands taking to the streets in Pakistan, Indonesia and Gaza.
Afghan president urges U.S. action over Koran
Sixteen Afghans have been killed and more than 100 hurt since Wednesday in the worst anti-U.S. protests across Afghanistan since U.S. forces invaded in 2001 to oust the Taliban for harbouring Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network.
UK film at Cannes says terror fears exaggerated
In Bush's government, those underlings who put forth the darkest scenarios of the phantom threat have the most influence, says Curtis, who also devotes segments of his film to criticize unquestioning media and zealous security agencies.
The Power of Nightmares
Should we be worried about the threat from organised terrorism or is it simply a phantom menace being used to stop society from falling apart?
Al-Qaeda detainee may know about plans to attack UK
This is rather amazing that it's been known for almost a week now that the man they have is NOT al-Libby, yet the propagandists are still waving his name around.
Usama bin Laden:A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government
Usama’s trail getting hot again
Captured Al-Qaeda #3 is case of ‘mistaken identity'
“But the capture of al-Libbi will have made them very apprehensive. Whether big fry or small fry, they’re on the run, I can tell you that.”
CIA drone kills new al-Qaida #3 operative
Pakistan denies Predator strike took place on its territory
Our Presidents New Best Friend Boils People Alive
WARNING: The pictures of Mr. Avazov's body are horrific and should only be viewed by a mature audience
Israel flies warplanes over Lebanon
"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
-- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.
FBI Questions Journalists in Pentagon-AIPAC Spy Case
Actually, what the FBI is doing is finding out who can actually prove Larry was the pipeline by which bogus claims about Iraqi WMDs were being pumped into the Pentagon's Office of Special Projects.
Call for May 23rd Protest of AIPAC Annual Conference
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