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A Gold Star Mom on Mother's Day: Name Withheld Pending Notification
Our media was, and still is, a willing shill for the Administration and has never told the American public the truth. Reporting about Iraq is always trumped by such as child molesters, Martha Stewart, Terri Schiavo, Scott Peterson, the American Idol, or now, Runaway Brides! Another tragic thing about this illegal and disastrous invasion and occupation is that there are only 1,602 families in this country who even have to think about Iraq. Most Americans probably don't even know where to find Iraq on a map. The Halliburtons, Bechtels, KBRs, and the oil oligarchs of the world, who are laughing all the way to the bank, think of Iraq with greedy glee each day. Sorrowfully, there are 1,602 families in this country who have "Iraq" carved on their hearts and souls for eternity. We have sacrificed more than the $1.99 it costs to buy a "Support the Troops" magnet for our cars. We have had a violent amputation. Even if our fellow citizens don't realize it, by allowing this occupation to continue, they are also losing a very important part of themselves: their humanity.

Bush will be among more than 50 world leaders at a Red Square parade on Monday to pay homage to the huge part played by the Soviet Union in the defeat of Nazi Germany 60 years ago.
Russian security forces cordoned off Red Square and the nearby Kremlin -- focus of the celebrations -- for fear of attack from Chechen rebels who have marked Russia's May 9 Victory Day in the past with deadly bomb attacks.

OCCUPIED BAGHDAD, New Iraq - Three U.S. soldiers were killed in separate attacks Sunday in central Iraq, the military said, as the country's parliament approved six Cabinet nominees.
Four servicemen from the U.S.-led coalition were killed and seven wounded late Saturday when insurgents attacked with gunfire, rocket-propelled grenades and car bombs in Haditha, 140 miles northwest of Baghdad.In other develoments Sunday, -A car bomb exploded near an American patrol north of Beiji, 155 miles north of Baghdad, said U.S. military spokesman Maj. Anton Alston. No military casualties were reported, but a civilian was injured in gunfire after the blast.

Militants' challenge to new Iraq
There have been military-style assaults, such as on the Abu Ghraib prison.

More bombs blast Iraq
The Americans were travelling through the square in a three-car convoy that was hit on both ends by the suicide bombers, the U.S. military said.

Car bomb at Baghdad market
The blast sent a column of black smoke billowing into the sky above the Iraqi capital. Over the past weeks, insurgent violence has surged in Iraq with a series of suicide bombings, ambushes and bomb blasts.

FOX NEWS: "QAEDA" nudge nudge wink wink CAR BOMBS KILL 22 IN IRAQ
The two bombs also rocked a nearby high school, and five girls riding in a minibus were among the wounded.

Explosion at Kabul Internet Cafe Kills 3
Afghanistan has seen several deadly suicide attacks since the fall of the Taliban in 2001. The most recent was an attack by a man laden with hand grenades who killed an American woman and an Afghan girl in a Kabul shopping street last October.

Captured Al-Qaeda kingpin is case of ‘mistaken identity’,,2089-1602568,00.html
Bush called him a “top general” and “a major facilitator and chief planner for the Al- Qaeda network”. Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state, said he was “a very important figure”. Yet the backslapping in Washington and Islamabad has astonished European terrorism experts, who point out that the Libyan was neither on the FBI’s most wanted list, nor on that of the State Department “rewards for justice” programme.

Truth drug fails to get al-Qa'eda No 3 to talk The officials say that al-Libbi, who is believed to be al-Qaeda's number three, has defied efforts to make him reveal valuable intelligence about its senior hierarchy, despite coming under "physical pressure" to do so.
As it turned out, they have been torturing the wrong man. (But then again, they have been doing so all along.)

An American soldier has revealed shocking new details of abuse and sexual torture of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay in the first high-profile whistleblowing account to emerge from inside the top-secret base.,6903,1479040,00.html
It will prove a damaging blow to a White House still struggling to recover from the abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq.

New York police eye Mideast conflict as motive for bombing
The incident briefly upset British financial markets. In the short general election campaign Prime Minister Tony Blair battled public anger against his support of the war in Iraq, although he looked set to win a reduced majority.

In Britain, Iraq news that rolled off Bush damaged Blair severely
One of Blair's opponents in his constituency was Reg Keys, whose son had died in Iraq. "I hope in my heart that one day the prime minister may be able to say, 'I'm sorry,"' Keys said as an ashen Blair stared straight ahead.

Labour MPs tell Blair to quit Downing Street,,2087-1603310,00.html
Many of them say they were shocked by the hostility shown towards them and the prime minister on the doorstep during the election campaign.

Prime Minister Tony Blair should quit, critics from within his own Labour Party said Sunday, blaming Blair for the party's sharply reduced majority in Britain's national election.
Voter disillusionment after eight years of Labour government and lingering anger over the Iraq war cut the party's majority from 161 to 66 seats in the 646-seat House of Commons.

If you weren't here for Ukraine's revolution, you can catch up - sort of. For 60 cents, hawkers at Independence Square will sell you a faked certificate, complete with President Viktor Yushchenko's mimeographed signature, declaring you a veteran of the uprising.
Tent camps are sprouting daily in Kiev, the capital, and other cities. On any given day, Ukrainians are roughing it outside official buildings to protest the destruction of a children's playground, the arrest of dissidents in neighboring Belarus, a government probe into the finances of the stadium of their favorite soccer team.
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So when do we get invaded to remove the rogue government that spies on its own people, gases its own people during anti War protests, stages "terrorist" attacks, holds crooked elections, attacks other nations without cause, and uses torture on innocent people looking for WMD that don't exist?

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