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Bush is just a figurehead, and removing him will not be possible with a Congress that was complicit in the initial lies. Not only Bush, but all the NeoCons, every Congresscritter that supported the war, and every media executive who helped sell the lies about Iraq's WMDs needs to be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rough-hewn rail. Short of a mass ejection of the liars, this nation is being herded into yet more wars that will kill and cripple our children and enrich the warmongers.
What could be a greater act of treason, or high crimes and misdemeanors, than lying America into a war via manufactured terrorism, intelligence, threats and fear, and by secretly agreeing with a foreign power to invade third nation by lying to Congress?
The sacrifice of America's economy, international prestige, its military and its honor via the Bush administration's self-destructive lust to bolster Israel's military posture in the Middle East to assure the mutual benefit of total access and control of its oil, is becoming painfully and increasingly more obvious with the passing of each day of the Iraqi Holocaust.
Iraq is a bloody no man's land. America has failed to win the war. But has it lost it?
"The US is turning out to be much less of a military and political superpower than the rest of the world had supposed."
Deadly firefight in a desert town shocks marines
At one Baghdad hospital, an Iraqi woman described how her left leg had been amputated without anaesthetic after a missile fired from a US Apache helicopter exploded near her in Saadah. “I was walking back to my house when the next minute I was on the ground unable to move. When I saw that part of my leg was blown off I started to scream,” Um Ahmad said.
The helicopter returned to strafe the street with machinegun fire. “I started to wave and shout that I am an old woman, not Zarqawi,” she said. The nearest hospital had been destroyed in earlier bombing, so she was taken to a house used by local doctors. After the operation she was taken to Baghdad.
After fierce battle US troops seize strategic bridge; Resistance then blows it up.
US occupation troops on Saturday morning arrested a woman in the al-Qa’im district after raiding her house and beating her unconscious, according to witnesses in al-‘Ishsh village.
Latest pathetic spin attempt on Iraq
The US cannot admit it is losing ground to the people we supposedly "liberated", so it simply MUST be the fault of "outsiders".
Condi's outrageous lie to the GIs
"This war came to us, not the other way around."
Rice Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq
More than two years after Hussein's fall, 85 percent of Iraqis complain of frequent power outages, only 54 percent have access to clean water and almost one-quarter of Iraqi children suffer from chronic malnutrition, according to a U.N. and Iraqi survey released last week.
TV News Fails Miserably To Accurately Report On Iraq
America Kept In Dark As Carnage Escalates Iraq On Brink Of Civil War Say Analysts
Is israel using the americans to start a civil war in iraq?
How do the insurgents always know when the Americans will show up? How did they know just what hotel room to fire at when Wolfowitz was in Baghdad? How do they know exactly when and where to deploy their improvised explosive devices so they are in place just before the Americans drive by? Larry Franklin talked to the AIPAC dudes almost two years ago. What's the one thing he could have told them two years ago which would be still grievously affecting the ability of the American army to deal with the insurgency in Iraq? The Israelis are able to assist the insurgents because they know the details of the Saddam-era and post-Saddam-era American counterintelligence operations in Iraq.
Sailor Who Refused Duty Gets Hard Labor
"I am guilty of believing the war is illegal."
30 Bodies Discovered
"Insurgents" launched more brazen attacks Sunday in a seemingly endless campaign apparently aimed at enflaming sectarian tensions, destabilizing Iraq's new government and forcing U.S.-led Occupation troops out of the country.
500 Dead in Uzbek Uprising
The Tyrant Who Runs Uzbekistan is One of Bush's Good Buddies, Where the Busheviks Send "Suspects" to be Tortured. So Much for Ridding the World of Tyrants. But Hypocrisy is Bush's Middle Name -- And the World Suffers as a Result.
Bush's friend boils people alive
The United States has allied itself closely with Uzbekistan in the war against terrorism, but U.S. government officials have expressed concern that Uzbekistan's harsh treatment of independent Muslims could be counterproductive to the anti-terror effort.
Anger As US Backs Brutal Uzbek Regime
Heated criticism was growing last night over 'double standards' by Washington over human rights, democracy and 'freedom' as fresh evidence emerged of just how brutally Uzbekistan, a US ally in the 'war on terror', put down Friday's unrest in the east of the country.
US concerned terrorists freed in Uzbek jail break
The United States regrets the violence!
Uzbeks Try to Flee Violent Protests
The U.S.-allied Uzbek leader blamed the fighting on Islamic extremists.
Newsweek sparks global riots with one paragraph on Koran
The report was denounced initially by the US chargé d’affaires in Kabul and then by the Pentagon and the State Department.
Clerics threaten holy war over alleged Quran desecrations
Was the Newsweek's reporting of the incident intended to fan the flames of the "clash of civilizations"?
Anti-American Protests Spread through Islamic World
If somebody wanted to kick off a new "Holy War", looks like they found the perfect way to do it.
Are World Wars Orchestrated?
Nothing appears in the mass media without an ulterior purpose. The Illuminati is promoting a clash of "civilizations" between Islam and the US. In the present run-up to World War Three, it is worth asking if this sinister cabal also orchestrated World War Two, which saw the genocide of 70 million human beings.
Bush's job rating drops to a low
Galina Lukasheva, 20, a Republican and a cashier at Cub Foods in Shakopee, said the country is on the wrong track because of the war and rising gas prices, but she said that she approves strongly of Bush because of his opposition to gay marriage. "When God created two people in the garden, wherever it happened, he didn't create a second man," she said.
Gannongate, meet FAGGOT George Bush.
We know Bush has a Village People-like thing for uniforms; we know that HotMilitaryStud claimed to have been in the Marines. (It appears JimmyJeff lied about his military record, but authenticity has always been optional for our Connecticut cowboy.) We know Bush has a thing for bald men; Gannon, of course has left nothing to the imagination regarding the extent to which he shaves areas other than his face. (Note: link not work safe, unless your name is Jim West.) There are rumors that Bush was, shall we say, sexually inclusive in his fraternity days; we don’t know much about GannonGuckert’s frat exploits, but as far as I know he has never denied being gay. Granted, the evidence for the hypothesis I tease from A, B and C is so thin that “circumstantial” would be a great leap forward in credibility. But in the pantheon of liberal fantasies, this must stand as the best of all possible worlds: What if the reason JimmyJeff spent so much time in the White House despite being manifestly unqualified to be there (and who else fits that description?) was a sexual relationship between GannonGuckert and George W. Bush?
I’m just asking.
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