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  There is no legal obligation to stay in an illegal war!
Gloom gathers over world economy
Too few people actually making products, and too many people wanting to be managers, middle-men, and stock-manipulators.
Fears for dollar as central banks sell US assets
The world's central banks were net sellers of US assets in March for the first time since September 2002, according to figures that may hint that the recent rebound in the dollar will be temporary.
Foreign investors sell U.S. assets
International investments in U.S. securities dropped to $45.7-billion (U.S.) in March from $84.1-billion in February!
The Economic Tsunami: Coming Sooner Than You Think
It seems that there are a growing number of people who believe as I do, that the economic tsunami planned by the Bush administration is probably only months away. In just 5 short years the national debt has increased by nearly 3 trillion dollars while the dollar has continued its predictable decline. The dollar has fallen a whopping 38% since Bush took office, due largely to the massive $450 billion per year tax cuts. At the same time, numerous laws have been passed (Patriot Act, Intelligence Reform Bill, Homeland Security Bill, National ID, Passport requirements etc) anticipating the need for greater repression when the economy takes its inevitable nosedive. Regrettably, that nosedive looks to be coming sooner rather than later.
Air Force Seeks Bush's Approval for Space Weapons Programs
General Lord said, "Space superiority is not our birthright, but it is our destiny, Space superiority is our day-to-day mission. Space supremacy is our vision for the future." The cost of a space-based system that could defend the nation against an attack by a handful of missiles could be anywhere from $220,000,000,000.00 to $1,000,000,000,000.00 !
Grenade was real and threat to Bush - FBI
A White House spokesman said Bush had never been in danger.
We've been taken hostage by Iraq
We either need a much bigger army — which means a draft — or we need to find a way out of Iraq.
A Seattle high school bars military solicitation, touching off debate over Iraq war and free speech.
All this comes as recruiters struggle to meet enlistment goals.
The deserters: Awol crisis hits the US forces
The war in Iraq is illegal. Bush lied when he activated the Congressional Authorization for the use of force in Iraq. Therefore the Congressional Authorization for the use of force in Iraq is not legally in effect at this time. Therefore, no serving soldier is obligated either legally or morally or remain in Iraq.
Al-Sadr demands Americans leave Iraq
Okay, let's see... the killing stops, the wasteful spending stops, the kids stop having to breath the depleted uranium, the restof the world stops loathing us (eventually)...
Yeah, this could work. I say let's go with it.
Bill Clinton: Iraq Changes Good for Region
"The Sunnis and the Shiites, the Kurds and all the various tribes can work out accommodations that will allow them to build a stable society, I think that will be good for Iraq and good for the Middle East," Clinton said!
Iraq on edge of civil war
That is, specialists warn, if nation isn't already in one amid deadly attacks and stronger insurgency
US united the 'insurgency' it now fights in Iraq
The U.S. is now part of the problem, rather than the solution.
OCCUPIED BAGHDAD, New Iraq - Insurgents gunned down a senior Iraqi Interior Ministry official Wednesday and the bodies of seven men shot in the head were found outside Baghdad
Iran has been accused of supporting insurgents in Iraq to destabilize reconstruction efforts by the United States, which regards Tehran as a terror sponsor bent on producing nuclear weapons. Iran denies both claims.
US army says al Qaeda (nudge nudge wink wink) behind rise in Iraq car bombs
More than 500 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in car bombings and assassinations in the past three weeks.
100,000 Iraqi civilians dead
About 100,000 Iraqi civilians - half of them women and children - have died in Iraq since the invasion, mostly as a result of airstrikes by coalition forces.
Iraqi rebels killed nine by shooting down RAF Hercules with 'ageing anti-aircraft gun'
The RAF Hercules was ‘shredded by a multi-barrelled 20mm canon’
Mock Executions of Iraqi Detainees Cited by Army
Army officials said the incident violated rules contained in the Army's field manual, which explicitly prohibits mock executions as a form of torture.
Soldier Gets Six Months in Abu Ghraib Case
'I'm so sorry for my evil actions in Iraq'
Bush Says Newsweek Article Damaged U.S. Image Overseas
The real reason that Muslims
Across the world want to smack us
Is Bush invaded a country
Which didn’t even attack us.
Desecration of Koran Had Been Reported Before
The White House, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld have cited the damage done to the United States' reputation in the Muslim world by Newsweek's original report. Yesterday, Pentagon spokesman Lawrence T. Di Rita said previous detainee allegations have not been considered credible. "I'm not aware that we've ever had any specific, credible allegations to investigate. We certainly didn't investigate detainees' lawyers on television saying, 'This is what happened to my detainee,' " he said.
White House Amnesiac, Scott McClellan
QUESTION: He’s the president of the United States. This thing he told the country on the verge of taking the nation to war has turned out to be, by your own account, not reliable. That’s his fault, isn’t it?
White House challenges UK Iraq memo
Claims in a recently uncovered British memo that intelligence was "being fixed" to support the Iraq war as early as mid-2002 are "flat out wrong," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Monday.

The resignation of Scott McClellan
Whenever I hear Scott McClellan talking about ‘media credibility,’ I strain to remember who it was who admitted that gay whore Jeff Gannon to the White House press room and called on him all those times.

Fear and self-loathing in American journalism
The real enemy of American journalism is a fifth column, rising up from within ourselves. It's the editors and critics who self-righteously attack "errors" in journalism while erring on the side of pro-government, pro-Establisment timidity every day. The self-appointed defenders of media ethics who swat flies while completely losing sight of why newspapers and an independent media exist in the first place, and what they are supposed to stand for. The captains of alleged honor and integrity who prefer to go down with the ship, watching the waves of citizens in search of real news migrate somewhere else, somewhere that's not drowning in reassuring yet false "objectivity."
The American News Media – Tools and Fools and Scapegoats
The media must have been flipping out recently. Terri Schiavo was gone, Scott Peterson was in jail, Martha Stewart was out of jail and Michael Jackson could only make news when he showed up for court in his jammies. My gawd! What are we gonna report on?
Bush Presses Newsweek to 'Repair' Damage From Flawed Report
"There is lasting damage to our image because of this report," the chief White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, said at a news briefing. "And we would encourage Newsweek to do all that they can to help repair the damage that has been done, particularly in the region."
How can a White House steeped in deception lecture the Fourth Estate on ethics?
Newsweek "can also talk about policies and practices of the United States military," which "goes out of its way to treat the holy Koran with great care and respect," McClellan said.
Q Are you asking them to write a story about how great the American military is; is that what you're saying here? MR. McCLELLAN: Elisabeth, let me finish my sentence. Our military -- Q You've already said what you're -- I know what -- how it ends. MR. McCLELLAN: No, I'm coming to your question, and you're not letting me have a chance to respond. But our military goes out of their way to handle the Koran with care and respect. There are policies and practices that are in place. This report was wrong. Newsweek, itself, stated that it was wrong.
Newsweek Was Right
"Contrary to White House spin, the allegations of religious desecration at Guantanamo such as those described by Newsweek on 9 May 2005 are common among ex-prisoners and have been widely reported outside the United States. Several former detainees at the Guantanamo and Bagram airbase prisons have reported instances of their handlers sitting or standing on the Koran, throwing or kicking it in toilets, and urinating on it.
Who's the Sonofabitch?
"People are dead because of what this son of a bitch said. How could he be credible now?" the "son of a bitch" U.S. President George W. Bush, whose administration began fixing intelligence at least eight months before invading Iraq in order to make the public believe that Baghdad posed a serious threat to the United States and its allies? After all, there are sometimes lethal consequences to publishing or propagating incorrect or inaccurate information, as Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld was reflecting Monday afternoon before the final Newsweek retraction.
"People lost their lives. People are dead," he said "People need to be very careful about what they say, just as they need to be careful about what they do."
If they are not, they become sons of bitches and lose all their credibility, according to Rumsfeld's spokesman.
He's our sonofabitch
...despots make bad allies - who all too often become adversaries. Let us recall two men who once played the role of America's sonofabitch. In the 80s, the US backed Saddam against Iran and Osama bin Laden against the Soviets. The US gave those men the guns that would eventually be turned on itself.
Islam Karimov’s American Fan Club
Divert, deny, defame – that's the strategy of the War Party as the consequences of their policies reap piles of dead bodies worldwide and increase the threat of terrorism against Americans.
Islamic Rebels Claim to Hold Uzbek Town
"The town is in the hands of people. People are tired of slavery, We will be building an Islamic state here in accordance with the Quran."
Muslim Leader Calls Revolt in Uzbek Town
Accounts have varied greatly on the death toll so far, with the government citing 169 dead in Andijan, and opposition activists citing more than 700 dead - more than 500 in Andijan and about 200 in Pakhtabad - most of them civilians.
Opposition: Uzbek Death Toll at 745
Initial reaction in the US was muted, with the administration urging both sides to avoid further clashes. The US appears to be reluctant to be too overtly critical of a state it regards as a key regional ally in its "war of terrorism".
Protesters Subjected To 'Pretext Interviews'
"It lends credence to what a lot of critics have said: that the FBI is starting to regard some forms of dissent as potential terrorism."
US 'backed illegal Iraqi oil deals'
The "oil for food scandal" blows up in the US' face.
Galloway claims victory over U.S. in oil-for-food storm
GEORGE GALLOWAY: You want to talk about illegality?
GEORGE GALLOWAY: You launched an illegal war which has killed 100,000 people.
NORM COLEMAN: Let's try…
GEORGE GALLOWAY: You want me to be troubled about…
NORM COLEMAN: No, I want you to answer questions which are fairly put and directly put to you.
GEORGE GALLOWAY: In everything I said, I turned out to be right and you turned out to be wrong, and 100,000 people have paid with their lives – 1,600 of them American soldiers, sent to their deaths on a pack of lies.
Senator Coleman said Mr Galloway wasn't a credible witness, and if it was found he'd been dishonest, there would be consequences.
Another fake document by US government-Forgery shows Galloway’s name pasted on UN Oil For Food paper
That explains why, when Galloway asked to look at the original document, the panel kept offering him yet another copy.
Galloway angrily denies oil claim
"The difference is Donald Rumsfeld met him to sell him guns and maps - the better to target those guns. I met him to try to bring about an end to sanctions, suffering and war," he said.
Galloway hounded by AIPAC cell within U.S. Congress
There is ample evidence of a major foreign intelligence penetration of the United States State and Defense Departments, as well as U.S. intelligence agencies, involving Franklin, AIPAC officials, Mossad agents, and leading individuals in the neoconservative network operating from inside the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, the U.S. Congress, and think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the Heritage Foundation, and the Hudson Institute. Bolton is a central figure in this cabal.
What's 'American' About the American Israel Public Affairs Committee?
According to press reports, AIPAC membership jumped nearly 50 percent, to some 70,000, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, in part through ties the group had made with the Christian Right, which reflected a key strategy promoted by many neoconservatives and foreign policy hardliners during the 1990s.
AIPAC Indictments Imminent: Probe Predates 9/11
Franklin allegedly warned Weissman that Iranian agents in predominantly Kurdish northern Iraq planned to kidnap, torture and kill American and Israeli agents in the region.
Poll: Should AIPAC Register as the Agent of a Foreign Government?

Surge of Israeli-Palestinian violence strains truce
New Israel security chief ”concerned” over Jewish terrorists
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