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Terror ties to Iran?
Congressman warns of possible nuclear threat

Bush wounded by anger over war
“He’s out in the sticks talking about a social security problem that might occur in 2047, and meanwhile the boys in Iraq are getting killed and injured every day,” said one officer. “Don’t you find that a little odd?”

Bush: US Is in Iraq Because of 9/11?
...the United States was forced into war because of the September 11 terror strikes.

Bush says US is in Iraq because of attacks on US
"We went to war because we were attacked, and we are at war today because there are still people out there who want to harm our country and hurt our citizens," Bush said?

It's been 1,371 days since G.W.B. said he'd catch U.B.L. 'Dead or Alive!'

Bliar's aides believed it would be difficult to justify going to war based on Saddam's suspected stockpiles of WMD alone, or his supposed links to Al Qaeda.

From Downing Street to Capitol Hill
New leaked memos are raising further questions about whether the Bush administration ‘fixed’ its intel to justify the Iraq war.
Two senior British government officials today acknowledged as authentic a series of 2002 pre-Iraq war memos stating that Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons program was "effectively frozen" and that there was "no recent evidence" of Iraqi ties to international terrorism—private conclusions that contradicted two key pillars of the Bush administration's public case for the invasion in March 2003.

"Downing Street Memo” buzz builds
It seems like Bush can just ignore anything he wants to hide and be able to get away with it. If this memo is true, then Bush should be impeached and hung for murdering all the American and Iraq people killed due to this war.

UK Legal Office: Prewar Bombing Raids Illegal

WHEN WILL WE GET USAMA BIN LADEN? That is a question that goes far deeper than you know. In the chain that you need to successfully wrap up the war on terror, we have some weak links. And I find that until we strengthen all the links, we're probably not going to be able to bring Mr. bin Laden to justice. We are making very good progress on it. But when you go to the very difficult question of dealing with sanctuaries in sovereign states, you're dealing with a problem of our sense of international obligation, fair play. We have to find a way to work in a conventional world in unconventional ways that are acceptable to the international community.

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
-- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

Bush: Pulling Out of Iraq Not an Option
Bush also paid tribute to progress seen in Iraq this week.

No More Happy Talk
Bush's public message will be about the high stakes in Iraq and the unacceptable price of failure, according to aides who cite the Somalia withdrawal as a worst-case scenario.

A leading organization for Iraq's Sunni Arabs, the minority once dominant under
Saddam Hussein', accused U.S. forces of killing women and children and destroying homes, schools and other civilian buildings around Karabila and Qaim.

The chief doctor at the area's main hospital in Qaim, Hamdi al-Alusi, said he had seen 10 bodies and treated 17 wounded. Most of those hurt were women and children, he said.

Iraq Restaurant Blast Kills 23, Hurts 36
The Marine who was killed Saturday by small-arms fire during Operation Spear had been assigned to Regimental Combat Team 2 of the 2nd Marine Division. At least 1,720 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003.

Inside the Iraq fragging incident
For the first time since Vietnam, the term "fragging" is in the news with military officials currently investigating whether revenge was a factor in the murder of two National Guard officers in Iraq

U.S. commander in Baghdad: "Certainly saying anything about 'breaking the back' or 'about to reach the end of the line' or those kinds of things do not apply to the insurgency at this point."

The Enemy Spies
In the shadows: The insurgents' most powerful weapon may be their vast network of infiltrators and spies—forces strengthened by talk of American exit plans. A secret CIA study frets about a whole new generation of master terrorists.

America's 'dwindling coalition' is difficult to escape the impression that Washington's band of coalition partners in Iraq is dwindling.

U.S. Airstrikes Kill 20 Afghan Militants
Three months of bloodshed across the south and east has left hundreds dead and sparked fears that the Afghan war is widening, rather than winding down.

Gitmo under the spotlight
New questions raised about detainee abuse

Leak of secret plan to protect G8 leaders sparks security alert
"I have been increasingly appalled by the air of complacency surrounding this event, particularly as displayed by ministers. The release of a portion of non-operational material is intended as a wake-up call before that complacency becomes truly dangerous."

Crucified nun dies in 'exorcism'
Police say the 23-year-old nun, who was denied food and drink throughout her ordeal, had been tied and chained to the cross and a towel pushed into her mouth to smother any sounds.

Priest unrepentent after crucifying of nun
Before being crucified she had been kept shut up for several days, her hands and feet tied and without food or drink, he said.
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