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Interesting New Patterns On The Sun

New geometric patterns have appeared on our sun at three different wavelengths.

Today, the following image below was observed. The notated geometric patterns are visible at three different wavelengths. I have selected the center wavelength here of 17nm, which has the best pattern visibility. Some of the geometric shapes visible are outlined here with white lines. It is NOT my intent to spell any words. It came out as it did when the outlines were traced. There does seem to be an 'H' pattern on the left horizon slowly coming around toward the camera, which I have not outlined here (original unmarked image is down below for your review.)

As well as the nearly perfect right angles, a circle with a square region in the center is also of interest. If this is being induced artifically, it represents very powerful and possibly earth-threatening technology if used incorrectly. Modern science portrays the sun as a superhot, boiling mass of fusion which is extremely chaotic. If this is the case, the nearly perfect geometric shapes should not be able to form, or stay in place.

More and more strange behavior with the sun has been observed in the past two years. Are these shapes just typical Rohrshach animals, people and sailing ships seen in clouds? Perhaps. But perhaps not...

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