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Scientists are questioning the safety of a Star Wars-style riot control ray gun due to be deployed in Iraq!
The Active Denial System weapon, classified as "less lethal" by the Pentagon' , fires a 95-gigahertz microwave beam at rioters to cause heating and intolerable pain in less than five seconds. The idea is people caught in the beam will rapidly try to move out of it and therefore break up the crowd. During tests carried out at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque New Mexico, participants playing the part of rioters were told to remove glasses and contact lenses to protect their eyes.

Sandia dismisses DU health risks
When they start out talking about "analytical capabilities", you know the books got cooked.

Subway Users Ride at Their Own Risk
The official line of many politicians and experts is that it's only a matter of time until terrorists attack an American target again.

Plainclothes police chased a man in a thick coat through a subway station, wrestled him to the floor and shot him to death in front of stunned commuters Friday.
The claim of wires coming out of the guys clothing seems to have vanished from the later accounts. And despite all the spin justifying the shooting, it appears that the victim wasn't carrying anything dangerous at all. He was shot for running by plainclothesmen, and frankly, if you saw five guys with guns yelling at you and running towards you, would you stand still or run like hell?

'Distraught' passengers describe mayhem on Tube
"The policeman nearest to me had the black automatic pistol in his left hand, he held it down to the guy and unloaded five shots into him. "

Police Begin Searching Bags on NYC Subways
"NYPD, Backpacks and other containers subject to inspection."

NYers to NYPD: 'I Do Not Consent to Being Searched'

House Votes to Extend Patriot Act
Der Fuhrer heiled the vote.

Democracy was only an afterthought,3604,1532782,00.html
The situation in Afghanistan is one of barely managed chaos

Rove, Libby gave false testimony
The leak case shows that administration officials have in effect been using reporters as shields by claiming that the information on Plame first came from them.

Rove, Libby Accounts on Plame Differ With Reporters'
If Rove and Libby were the original source of the leak, then there would be no reason for Judith Miller to remain in jail. It therefore follows that since Rove and Libby did not have access to that memo, that someone who DID have access to that memo, someone who likely saw it while flying on Air Force One, is the leak that Miller is protecting.

If Bush knew or approved of Rove's revealing the CIA agent's name, then he too broke the law. My question: If Bush goes to prison, do Secret Service agents accompany him? One final curiosity: Has anyone seen Dick Cheney lately? Could he really be Karl Rove? Oh no? Have you ever seen the two of them together in public? I rest my case.

Master Plan
President George W. Bush has granted himself the power to declare anyone on earth -- including any U.S. citizen -- an "enemy combatant," for any reason he sees fit. He can render them up for torture, he can imprison them for life, he can even have them killed, all without charges, with no burden of proof, no standards of evidence, no legislative oversight, no appeal, no judicial process whatsoever except those that he himself deigns to construct, with whatever limitations he cares to impose. Nor can he ever be prosecuted for any order he issues, however criminal; in the new American system laid out by Bush's legal minions, the Commander is sacrosanct, beyond the reach of any law or constitution.

Disarm Saddam Hussein The gravest danger we face in the war on terror is outlaw regimes that seek and possess nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.
Twelve years ago, Saddam Hussein agreed to disarm all weapons of mass destruction. For 12 years, he systematically violated that agreement.
Three months ago, the United Nations Security Council gave Saddam his final chance to disarm. He has shown his utter contempt for the U.N.
The U.N. and U.S. intelligence sources have known for some time that Saddam Hussein has materials to produce chemical and biological weapons, but he has not accounted for them:
26,000 liters of anthrax—enough to kill several million people
38,000 liters of botulinum toxin
500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agents
Almost 30,000 munitions capable of delivering chemical agents
From three Iraqi defectors, we know that Iraq in the late 1990s had several mobile biological weapons labs. But he has not disclosed them.
The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed in the 1990s that Saddam Hussein had an advanced nuclear weapons development program, a design for a nuclear weapon, and was working on methods of enriching uranium for a nuclear bomb. He recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa, according to the British Government. He has attempted to purchase high strength aluminum tubes suitable for nuclear weapons, according to our intelligence sources. Yet he has not credibly explained these activities.
Thousands of Iraqi security personnel are at work hiding documents and materials from the UN inspectors.
Iraqi officials accompany all inspectors in order to intimidate witnesses.
Iraq is blocking U-2 surveillance flights requested by the U.N.
Saddam Hussein has ordered that scientists who cooperate with the UN be killed, along with their families.
Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including al-Qaida members. He could provide hidden weapons to terrorists, or help them develop their own. It would take just one vial, one canister, one crate slipped into this country to bring a day of horror like none we have ever known.
The United States will ask the UN Security Council to convene next week to consider the facts of Iraq’s ongoing defiance of the world. We will consult. But if Saddam Hussein does not disarm, we will act for the safety of our people, and for the peace of the world.

It does not matter, whether our new ray gun works properly or not. It's purpose has been achieved, if it's manufacturer makes a tidy profit on the new toy. War is about money. Even the Vietnam War, in which I served as advisory team leader, was at least partially about oil. The off-shore leases by various US and international companies were about the size of the land area of Vietnam. On my web site: "The War Around Us", I quote the issue of Forbes, and the page numbers, which describes the leases in detail. My site should pop up as number one or so on any major search engine.
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