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I understand that hell is even hotter than Crawford.

Bush invokes Sept 11 to defend Iraq war

The Bush administration justified going to war in Iraq in 2003 by saying it posed a threat because of stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. None have been found.

Police charged four people protesting the war in Iraq, two of whom suffered minor injuries from the police response, when 60 people disrupted traffic by marching the wrong way down a busy one-way street toward an Army recruiting station.

Police spokeswoman Tammy Ewin initially said no pepper spray was used on protesters, but Sgt. Clint Winkler, a supervisor on duty, told The Associated Press he tried to use pepper spray on one woman who would not leave, but it hit her glasses. She was then subdued with a Taser, Winkler said.The Taser victim and the dog bite victim were being treated at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. Winkler confirmed that the older woman was bitten in the leg by a police dog when she refused a police order to disperse.

“We shall not any longer mourn alone and grieve alone, This country is at war. People are suffering and it is not any longer right, or ever was, that we should only have a few families holding the weight and the burden of this war. So we are saying we are in solidarity with their grief.”

After the nearly hour-long prayer vigil, about 30 ordained and lay clergy took a letter to state troopers and U.S. Secret Service agents manning a blockade down the road from President Bush's Central Texas ranch. The group was informed that no one was available to accept the letter, which called on the president to bring the troops home from Iraq. The clergy members then placed the letter and sprigs of carnations on the ground at the feet of a state trooper.
Earlier in the day, about 50 people from Oklahoma and Georgia arrived near the gates of Bush's ranch and dropped off 32 white bed sheets signed with names and messages of support for the president. A White House staffer accepted the sheets, which were tied with yellow ribbons. “The president has something tangible to hold on to. He has supporters,” said Valerie Duty, a local Republican who helped coordinate the effort, dubbed “I Give a Sheet.”

U.S. concedes ground to Islamists on Iraqi law
U.S. diplomats, who have insisted the constitution must enshrine ideals of equal rights and democracy, declined comment.

There is Such a Thing as “Too Late”
Ignore. That’s what the vast majority of Germans did in the 1930s as Hitler curtailed civil liberties and launched aggressive wars. I was born in August 1939, a week before Hitler sent German tanks into Poland to start World War II. I have studied that crucial time in some detail. And during the five years I served in Germany I had occasion to ask all manner of people how it could possibly be that, highly educated and cultured as they were, the Germans for the most part could simply ignore. Why was it that the institutional churches, Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran, could not find their voice? Why was it that so few spoke out?

With anti-war protesters continuing their vigil outside President Bush's ranch, the commander in chief began a five-day push Saturday to tell Americans why he thinks U.S. troops must continue the fight in Iraq.
"Our troops know that they're fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere to protect their fellow Americans from a savage enemy?"

It's been 1,433 days since GWB said he'd catch UBL 'Dead or Alive!'

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
-- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the
Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

'P2OG' allows Pentagon to fight dirty
"Run away from the light": Such might be the motto of a new, covert policy that the Bush administration is considering implementing. According to recent news reports, it would be the largest expansion into the world of black ops and covert action since the end of the Vietnam War in the 1970s.

Rockets narrowly miss U.S. warships in Jordan
The hundreds of police and troops involved in the operation were looking for Arabs, including Iraqis, Syrians, Egyptians and Jordanians, thought to have fired the rockets.

A truth "that has been largely forgotten in the post-9/11 frenzy is that terrorism is a technique, not an ideology or a country. It is a technique that any group can pick up and use, without distinction of ideology, creed, or cause, and the people wielding it could as easily be fanatical anti-government Americans, Trotskyists Germans, (or) Islamist Arabs."
"If terrorists were someday to get their hands on a nuclear device and explode it in some unfortunate city, it would be a disaster, certainly -- but a disaster... magnitudes smaller than a real nuclear war."
And don't be fooled by "realists" who claim to know the past and insist they've learned the "lessons of Vietnam." We're fighting "terrorists" in Iraq, they say. No, we're fighting nationalists who use low-tech terror techniques because they're up against a vastly superior military.
And what about the history Dyer is referring to? "In anti-colonial guerrilla wars, the locals always win. The Dutch learned that lesson in Indonesia, the French in Vietnam and Algeria, the British in Kenya and Cyprus, and the Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique.
"The United States went through the same learning process in Vietnam, and the Russians in Afghanistan... The fighting may go on for years (and) the better equipped foreigners will win almost all the battles...but there is an endless supply of locals...the guerrillas are never going to quit and go home because they already are home. And it makes no difference how noble the foreigners think their motives are; only the opinion of the locals count."

Russia: Putin Calls For Withdrawal Timetable For Iraq
Russian President Vladimir Putin called yesterday for a timetable for pulling foreign troops out of Iraq. The Russian leader said many Iraqis view the foreign troops as "occupiers" and suggested the withdrawal will encourage insurgents to abandon violence in favor of contributing to the creation of the state. The United States was quick to reject his call, saying it is still too early for a pullout.

US reject Russian call for Iraq troop pullout
Ready to go to war against Russia? That is where Bush is taking us.

Rumsfeld's Ray Gun
A non-lethal -- but potentially harmful -- crowd control weapon that heats human skin is bound for Iraq, and possibly to a police department near you.

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