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Thank you, George Bush.
Thank you, Neocons.
Thank you, Republicans
Thank you, Democrats
Thank you, Israel
Thank you, big oil
Thanks a whole bunch.

Hurricane Katrina aimed at Gulf oil and gas fields
The National Hurricane Center now expects the year's fourth hurricane to make a second landfall near the major oil and gas hub at Port Fourchon, La., sometime late Sunday or early Monday, and then continue inland to New Orleans.

Oil companies evacuate Gulf platforms
About 25% of domestic US production of natural gas and crude oil comes from offshore operations in the gulf. Offshore production capacity is 1.5mn bpd of crude and 10bn cu ft per day of natural gas.

Hurricane Katrina gains power in Gulf
Some projections foresaw it becoming a Category 4 storm on the five step Saffir-Simpson scale by late Sunday or early Monday -- a potentially catastrophic hurricane.

US braces for second strike by Hurricane Katrina
High oil prices eased when initial predictions suggested Katrina would spare most of the US oil and gas production rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. That bet now, however, looks increasingly uncertain.

Oil eases from $68 record
Financial bookmakers said they would start taking wagers on $100 a barrel oil if the price broke through $70.

Crude Oil Plunges as Hurricane Katrina May Miss Gulf Platforms
Katrina is heading for the Florida panhandle, missing the bulk of offshore platforms, which are located off the Louisiana and Texas coasts. Last year prices surged after Hurricane Ivan destroyed platforms and closed refineries in the Gulf. "Not every hurricane is an Andrew or an Ivan,'' said Bill O'Grady, assistant director of market analysis at A.G. Edwards & Sons in St. Louis. ``The prospect of it becoming an incredibly destructive storm was being built into the price. This doesn't look like it will be another Ivan even if it strengthens.''

...a category four hurricane destroys a vital pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico...panic sweeps of the nation...speculation drives the price of crude higher and higher...U.S. government turns to Saudi Arabia for oil...Saudi extremists commit terrorist attacks, killing 300 American oil workers...America sends troops to Saudi Arabia...still major lines at gas stations...Americans begin to turn against each other...the U.S. government decides to turn to Russia for oil...the Russians help in return for an investment in the upgrade of their pipelines...oil falls from it’s high of $153 a barrel down to around $77...and all is right with the world.
The steadily rising gas price results in major loss of American lives, a U.S. military expedition to the Middle East, a major depression, and martial law in effect across America. This is, of course, a gross oversimplification. Could these situations occur?

If the US was spending the money on energy research that they are spending in Iraq, I have no doubt some new sources woulkd be developed that would meet most of our needs.
But the issue in Iraq is more than just oil to power our cars and homes. Oil is the key to conventional war fighting. If the US controls the world's oil, the US also controls who can put tanks into the field and planes into the air. Japan's biggest single mistake at Pearl Harbor was not dropping an incendiary bomb into the tank farm on the eastern edge of the harbor, which held enough oil to run the Pacific War for two years. Learning from that leson, it follows that any establishment of a "New World Order" by military means mut commence with grabbing control of the world's oil supplies. Once that is done, it won't matter what military hardware any target nation has because they won't be able to fuel it.
Pedaling as Fast as He Can
George W. Bush remains an untreated alcoholic. The untreated alcoholic who has simply stopped drinking treats anxiety as an enemy. Bush’s current enemy, the primary cause of his anxiety, is Cindy Sheehan.

Tempers, temperatures up in Crawford
The Bushistas are loading up Crawford with ringers, including "White Supremicists" (Registered Trademark FBI).

FBI'S COINTELPRO: The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent

Along with the anti-war movement, the Nixon White House targeted the civil rights movement for disruption, using on-campus informants to infiltrate and in many cases to disrupt legal protests and activism. This coloring book, which was purported to be from the Black Panthers, had actually been rejected by them when it was brought to them by a man later revealed to have intelligence connections. Not to be troubled by the fact that the Panthers found the coloring book revolting, the FBI added even more offensive illustrations, and mass mailed it across America. It so infuriated the white population that they stopped listening to the legitimate grievances of the black people.

Al Qaeda in Iraq issues virulent manifesto
Oh brother get out the hip-waders; the Bushistas are getting desperate to save their war.

Bush's job approval rating among Americans had slipped to the lowest point of his administration, with 40 percent of the poll's 1,007 adult respondents, supporting his performance and 56 percent disapproving. Bush's previous low point was 44 percent, one month ago.
The latest survey, conducted this week, noted a drop in support among independents and confirmed the findings of other recent polls, which showed Bush's approval rating even lower. Compared to other post-World War II presidents at this point in their second term, only Richard Nixon had a lower job approval rating and he was in the midst of the Watergate scandal!


Hawks and doves descend on Bush ranch,3604,1557489,00.html
A big white marquee has been erected and minibuses shuttle protesters in from Crawford. In a kitchen area, volunteers prepare meals for up to 200 people, much of it with donated food - including 220kgs (50lbs) of bison meat from a local farmer. "I'm a vegetarian cook but I was like, 'OK, I'll cook meat for the revolution'," said Rebekah Patrode, 28, who drove 1,800 miles from Wendel in Massachusetts to be here.

George W.M.D. Bush, assailed by sagging poll numbers and criticism from anti-war protesters camped outside his ranch, called on Saturday for Americans to show resolve and brace for additional sacrifice in Iraq.
Bush, who personally intervened this week with a key Shi'ite leader in a bid to broker a deal on Iraq's constitution, said Iraqis were "making the tough choices and compromises necessary for a free and peaceful future."

Nearly 1,000 Released From Abu Ghraib
Abu Ghraib prison, built by Saddam Hussein's regime in the 1970s on the outskirts of Baghdad, was retained as a major detention center by U.S. occupation authorities after the dictator was toppled in 2003. It gained international notoriety after some U.S. military personnel were charged with humiliating and assaulting detainees.

What twisted logic: with no W.M.D., no link to 9/11 and no democracy, now we have to keep killing people and have our kids killed because so many of our kids have been killed already? Talk about a vicious circle: the killing keeps justifying itself.

Forget all that prewar talk about a secular, modern and united Iraq emerging after the toppling of Saddam Hussein. Get ready instead for some form of Islamic republic in Iraq that gives special status to clerics and majority ethnic groups, and less deference to women's rights. A new Iraq free of violence and divisions? Oops, never mind.
Which brings us back to the troops who are doing the suffering and dying. Are their sacrifices worth it?

With almost 1,900 U.S. troops dead in the Iraq conflict, Bush is under mounting pressure from critics to finish training a new Iraqi security force and bring the soldiers home.
Bush supporters and anti-war protesters, including relatives of soldiers who died in Iraq, were slated to face off this weekend with rallies near the president's 1,600-acre (648-hectare) Crawford ranch, where he has been spending much of August on vacation.

Thousands of people are flocking to a small town in Texas Saturday to show their support for the war in Iraq or their opposition to it.
Most of the visitors to Crawford, where U.S. President George Bush is vacationing, plan to attend a rally supporting U.S. involvement in Iraq?

Poll: 90% of Americans Back Right to Protest Iraq War
Republicans are the most likely to disapprove of people voicing opposition to the war.
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So when do we get invaded to remove the rogue government that spies on its own people, gases its own people during anti War protests, stages "terrorist" attacks, holds crooked elections, attacks other nations without cause, and uses torture on innocent people looking for WMD that don't exist?

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