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Flu Epidemic Called Crisis Akin to Nuclear War
Updated 1:18 PM ET November 1, 2005
President Bush's plan to deal with a future flu epidemic will reveal some ugly realities of what could be in store if there is a global breakout of a strain of the Asian bird flu or some other super-strain of influenza. Parts of major cities would become ghost towns, travel restrictions would go into effect and hospitals would be overwhelmed. "We get into a realm here of some very ugly scenes," says Dr. Irwin Redlener of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. "There is most definitely the need to quarantine cities and quarantine people." The draft of Bush's report predicts as many as 200 million Americans would be infected and 200,000 Americans would die.
"The first thing that would happen is that hospitals all across America would be over full," said Laurie Garrett, Senior Fellow for Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations. Garrett recently authored "The Next Pandemic?," a lengthy article on avian flu. Most cities would be expected to use large stadiums as makeshift hospitals, much as hurricane victims were given shelter in New Orleans and Houston. "Pseudo hospitals," Garrett said of such facilities. "There wouldn't be equipment and personnel to staff them adequately that you could really call them a hospital. You might more or less call them warehouses for the ailing. Very quickly our morgues would fill and we would have no place for the dead." Public heath officials envision a 21st century version of the worldwide flu epidemic of 1918, that killed more than 500,000 people in the U.S. alone. "Short of thermonuclear war, I have a hard time imagining anything in my lifetime that would be as horrible," Garrett said.

The Shadow Puppet’s Master
Most of us have gotten some good information on the why, who and what of the 9/11 theatre, the Virtual Reality Show that was the springboard into Iraq. And we all understand the many variables of the apparent underlying reasons (that our leaders and media obviously forgot to report), on why “they” needed to go to Iraq. The water for Israel, the fear of Hussain urging OPEC to change its currency to the Euro, and thus destabilize the American dollar, the oil mania, the Zionist land grab, the need to demonize Muslims.
Israel could have used desalinization, eliminating a need for Iraq’s water, The Federal Reserve Board is doing just fine at destabilizing American currency, better than Hussain could have ever wished, the oil men got less oil, rather than more, although the “shortages” have helped them reap profits of over 75% this quarter alone, but never-the-less most of America’s oil is still coming from Mexico, Canada and Venezuela, where-as Iraq only supplied 2% to the States. And Israel still does not believe in setting a finite border. Look at an atlas. And as for any Palestinian leader who has ever talked of a one state solution, well they have been eliminated; by assassination, scandal or imprisonment. Iraq had more PhD’s than existed in the whole of America; it had free health care, and was once considered the most secular of all Arab societies. A hard country to demonize, except “they “ played down the goodies that Hassain gave his country, and definitely turned up the volume about fundamentalist, a word now associated with Muslims. What we have learned is relevant, well articulated and very well researched, and refutes the apparent underlining reasons that we surmised were the true reasons for this recent holocaust.. So, is this the end of the story or just the beginning?
As we are start to analyze the fine spiders web of power that is collecting around us, whether it be called New World Order or the blueprint in the Protocols of Zion or the Project for the New American Century, the facts are lining up. Thankfully our gradual awareness requires a deeper, more “clear the board and let’s start over” look at the situation. While still vacillating over the who and the why, the connection of dots points to the consolidation of power and wealth at the top. That is a reality.
Divide and conquer, one of the oldest forms of control used by the ‘elites’, is still very much alive and well. So much so, that the schools of psychology, anthropology, and sociology have all added their talents to honing its art. And it continues to work as a divergence from looking at who really is sitting at the banquet table, and who is pulling the strings .Over time, we have used and have been used by this strategy. Our lands, countries, customs, and beliefs, have been stripped searched. Today we are divided from our community, friends and family. The circle gets smaller and smaller. Quietly, we are being divested of the very intimate knowledge of who we are as humans. It seems, at times, our very soul has gone AWOL. Is it because of this emptiness inside of ourselves, that we have become so malleable? The creation of sheeple has always been a constant in history. But sheeple are also known to revolt against their masters. At least the masters that one can see. With this imposed and internalized void, created now in our very own psyche, the elites no longer need to worry. The mirror that is held up for us to gaze upon is but a carrot on a stick. Substituting secular materialism for our true inheritance, this Trojan horse enters our consciousness and births a new day, in this age old tale of divide and conquer.
The story of Narcissus: the lad who did not fall in love with himself, but with his own reflection (and forever suffers), perhaps is a tale of warning from the ancients, that we need to head. If we fall in love with our reflection, how far will we go to keep this image of ourselves alive? If we allow ourselves to become rudderless, divorced from, and divided from all that has been our anchor, what lighthouse guides us? Who controls this hall of mirrors of ego and supply? Blinded to our own truth, we gaze intently into the well of illusion. By forfeiting ourselves, ‘their’ manufactured illusions become our reality. As a Pipe Piper, the secular materialist promises us the ride of our life. The power is irresistible, the brief satisfaction addicting. This house of mylar, our food supply of ego gratification, by its nature, is created and destroyed by our insatiable need to maintain the illusion. The division of self, scrounging in the wastelands of reflection, is forced to accept the lies that we have substituted for reality.
In his book, ‘Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited’, Sam Vaknia PhD, an Israeli Jew, describes the cannibalistic dance of the narcissist. As the grandiosity of the illusion we have accepted about ourselves becomes stronger, the decent into the hell of entitlement becomes increasingly rationalized, justified and protected. Psychologically this addiction becomes our Dorian Grey. Stroke by stroke, the flattery, the entitlement, the omnipresence of false ego must be kept alive, at any cost. We become our own gods and Chosen Ones by the same brush stroke. As we project this false ego, (and its constant need for acclaim) back onto the culture that is feeding us this very distortion of reality, a Catch 22 prevails. The disease becomes the norm, and this new reality like a plague, distorts us and destroys nations. When the bottom line of the almighty dollar can deprive us of every known human virtue, when the psychotic split tears asunder our very soul; has the end game of divide and conquer been achieved? Is perhaps this disease the very underpinnings used for the ultimate dominance? A control that no longer needs to be monitored from the outside, as we have become our own jailers? And as this narcissistic culture erodes the bedrock of self, and ultimately the foundation of humanity, we stand in silent witness to the blood-letting that sweeps across our world. The necessary ‘food supply’ of innocence and beauty in which we needed to see ourselves, and had once feasted upon, has been replaced. Now we laughingly call ourselves Masters of the Universe. Our vanity and conceit and arrogance, knowing no bounds, is quick to demonize any culture that rebukes our hall of mirrors. Selling our illusions and delusions of omnipotence, we must ridicule and bully those who have not entered the well of secular materialism with us. Is this disease the nuts and bolts, in the ‘how to’ manual of the Protocols? The psychological underbelly that allows for the New World Order? And perhaps that last question, for we have come full circle, can now be answered. Why have Muslims been demonized?
An excerpt from Ian Buckley’s, latest article “Why is Islam so feared and derided today?” states:
“Muslims will have to face the fact that they are hated, not for their vices, but for their virtues. The normal mind to a large extent rebels against such a novel thought. As with the true story of what really happened on September 11th, the average person has a mental block when confronted by the perverse, amoral wickedness implied by ‘hatred of virtues’.”
And what is virtue: moral excellence, goodness, righteousness, ethical principles, and admirable qualities. Would these definitions of virtue be seen as fundamental to our very well being? If so, then I guess, Muslims may justly be called Fundamentalists. And the opposite of virtue or as Mr. Buckley so aptly put it, “hatred of virtues”, could these be described as: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth? Are not these sins more apt to be associated with our culture than theirs? And if so, than do Muslims terrify us as they live a life of virtue? Is that what we mean by terrorists? Do we project unto them our fearful demons? And as the disease of narcissism progresses to our eventual unraveling, do we hope and secretly pray that the proverb of ‘Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you’, will never apply to us? The drums of our delusion as Masters of the Universe dissolve into suicide, homelessness, child prostitution, and addiction. We sell an empty bag of tricks, and others aren’t buying it. It was never about land, or even oil, was it? It was about looking at our brother in the eye and knowing that we aren’t even the lesser of two evils, we have reached first place.
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