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The world is spinning on a tenuous thread attached to the murky forces of the underground. In the caves beneath the soil, the rats are scurrying around trying to find exits that won’t let them out in the bright daylight.
The State coffers are emptied of all contents, the blood of the enemy is seeping into the cracks of the walls and slowly covering the ground in the caves, the rats are roaring like wounded tigers. The age of darkness has arrived and nothing can be seen, no light is getting through to the interior of the cave from the outside world.
From far off, a faint beating of a drum can be heard, a beat that’s getting more and more distinct, a drum beat of life amidst all the sordid darkness and blood and the shrill squeaking of the rats. The beat is getting stronger every second. It seems as if several drums have joined the one lone drum that was heard from far away at the beginning.
And now the entrance to the cave is broken down by a hoard of people armed with nothing but their fists and their drum beat. The daylight is coming back, it’s seeping through the door and the rats are getting blinded. They are scurrying around like doomed beasts, trying desperately to find an exit in some dark corner.
Outside in the light of the rising sun a procession of marching people has formed and they are moving unstoppably across hills and valleys, across rivers and through forests. The procession is growing in size every minute and the drum beat is steadily getting louder. The masses of people sweep up everything in their way.
They are singing now, singing first hesitantly, then more and more assured. Old people and children have joined them in their march. The procession is moving forward and it’s growing and growing. It’s getting wider and longer and it is finally covering the country. The people build bridges over the waters, they walk across mountains and through deserts. They are leaving behind the rats in the cave who are quivering in fear and they keep marching, keep gathering strength and numbers, keep marching, keep marching. And the drummers keep drumming louder and louder. The people come from the mountains and they come from the flatlands, they come from the forests and they come from far away valleys.
They are in the hundreds, they are in the thousands, they are in the millions. Finally they are in the hundreds of millions. They are covering the ground, the mountains, the valleys, the horizons. They are pushing ahead, ahead, towards the light that’s freedom, to stop the furious spinning of the world.
The rats have nowhere to go. They are deafened by the drum beat, hypnotized by the masses of people. They cower, they get blinded by the light, they shrivel to foul pieces of crumpled flesh and the people march over them, not even seeing the squalid lumps of dirt that get kicked into the ditches.
They are at last getting hold of the thread that’s holding the world, the world that is spinning and spinning in a desperate attempt to make us believe that it’s the normal way of life. The world is spinning at a crazed rhythm and the masses of people are finally seeing that it didn’t have to be like this. The world can slow down. The world can wait for us, the people. The world can count us all in. It can take us all in under its huge roof. The bleeding can stop. We don’t need any more slaughter.
We don’t need the rats any more, the rats who made us feel so desperately scared. The rats who kept telling us “There is not enough food, there is not enough water. There is not enough room for everyone. We have to go on plundering, conquering, destroying mountains to find the gold that’s buried underneath. We have to go on accumulating. We have to go on, go on, go on.”
The rats couldn’t see that life is just living. That’s all there is to life. It’s living for us and for all those who are coming to replace us when we are gone. What life is all about is just living.

GeoWBush is at it again, going around saying that we can’t leave Iraq because we haven’t won yet. There’s no telling when we will ever kill the last terrorist, and judging by the experience of Israel, it will be never.
But that’s the “truth” of the lie. Al Kady can never surrender, and never will, because they don’t really exist. Of course, we must continue to fight the terrorists, says Gee Bee, because they kicked sand in our faces back a few Septembers ago. Never mind and never say that buildings don’t fall down like that.
But that’s always how we get into it. Somebody “attacks” us. We must have revenge, and stop them from doing it again. But, there’s no telling who “they” really are this time, and stomping into sovereign nations wrecking shit like an ATF/DEA/SWAT team was not exactly the way a smart person would have run such an endeavor. This crap costs a ton of money, and now that we are seeing that we are broke financially, we are also discovering that our leaders are morally bankrupt as well. It’s not just the magnitude of the lie, but the magnitude of the continuing deception, and the magnitude of the continuing damage.
Nearly every member of Congress is still in line with the big lie, the one that says we were attacked by terrorists on 9/11/2001. BYU administrators suddenly know more about physics than their own professors do. The incredible stupidity of the media-controlled general populace worldwide shines bright in the seemingly easy way in which they let themselves believe that buildings fall straight down after a bit of impact and fire. It’s no wonder they believe the lie of Muslim/Arab terrorism, because they are incredibly stupid by design, and I’m not talking about any “God”, I’m talking about the indoctrination traditions of cultures everywhere that encourage acceptance of easily falsifiable dogma.
Outraged persons across the planet are wondering when the common American man will join them in their outrage. If it happens, it will happen after the economic fall, and if the truth about 9/11 is ever accepted it will be after the upheaval, because the current establishment is too invested in the lie. But, as an American myself, I have to wonder if the good ol’ American sense of justice has engaged again, this time upon America itself, as the collective guilt becomes realized and acknowledged. America done fucked up big time…again…and must now be punished.
Americans still have their innate sense of what’s right, and are at this moment awaiting their just desserts. When they receive it, the “truth” of it will have to align with the lie. Let’s hope the common people will understand this concept by then, and see the lie for what it is..."evil"...then perhaps we can vow to never be fooled again.

Here is a tacttic that George Bush could use to save his royal ass and make it profitable for everyone.
Pull the troops home? No . . . in this scenario the world-wide companies that thrive on war profits wouldn't be too happy. They won't send trained assassins to kill him like they did JFK in 1963. With Georgie boy the son of American royalty wannabes, the CIA will make sure he gets to exit stage right with an excuse ready-made to draw public sympathy. "Bush Decides to Resign, Cites Pressures From Anti-War Movement". That will start a civil war, just as it would have in 1963 if we all knew what group was really behind JFK's assassination.
This scenario gives Bush an almost heroic exit to many Americans, who when sentimentally-challenged will do what many Germans did in the 1930's, embrace Adolf Hitler. The "popular" outcry for the president's return will boost ratings tremendously, like Caeser's march into Rome. Meanwhile, there will be "popular" outcry against those who challenged this "great" president's very sanity and doubted his word. How dare they hurt our legendary hero, George Bush? Persecution and arrest of the liberal "conspiracy" to overthrow our government will start in earnest.
Even if this tactic doesn't work and the public tell's George "good riddance and I'm glad that you're mentally destroyed!", it will serve as a major distraction and divisive tactic of the American people, allowing those in the shadows to operate with less scrutiny to slow them down. So what I am saying bascially is this- George Bush can run down the streets of DC tonight bare naked and it wouldn't make a bit of difference to those who see him as some sort of savior. Remember Jesus could walk on water . . . well this president actually has the balls to run naked in DC. If people have their minds made up and it would hurt their itty-bitty American pride to admit they are wrong about George Bush, President Bush can run naked with Jennifer Anniston on his shoulders and it wouldn't matter to "good, God-fearing, Bible-thumping, apple-pie-eating, win-at-any cost" Americans.
That would be a Karl-Rove-on-acid scneario probably, and it might actually work. Here is my plan for Mr. Bush-
Announce a phased withdrawal from Iraq, telling the public that he is now that confident that the war in Iraq is under firm control of the new American-trained Iraqi army. This is a lie, of course, but many Americans will be blinded with the pride that we trained the Iraqis just like John Wayne trained those poor little Viet Namese in "The Green Berets". Bush's continued stubbornness in the face of facts is purely political. He knows that he could announce a withdrawal and the American public would never really be able to get a fair accounting of just how many troops there still are in Iraq. He would Enron Iraq. This would also make Bush an instant "people's president", but I'm quite sure Bush doesn't want to go to his grave in his high society graveyard having been labelled a man who actually helped the dirty stupid common man! That's like cavorting with the enemy.
Bush could be elected life-time president by the American people if he brought the troops home, fired all of his advisers, told Ariel Sharon to stick his requests where the sun don't shine, admit to the American public what his family is being blackmailed on and who is doing the blackmailing, legalized marijuana(I bet he he is funny guy when he is stoned!), gave free health care to everyone, jobs to everyone, dismantled the federal reserve system, prosecuted those who have abused this government, including his own dad . . . in other words, if Bush just does a 180 degree turn over-night and becomes a one-man American Revolution 2. This won't happen, of course, because Bush either doesn't have the courage or the concern to do it. I remember a brave president who did have this courage and at least the semblance of real concern, but he was murdered in 1963.
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So when do we get invaded to remove the rogue government that spies on its own people, gases its own people during anti War protests, stages "terrorist" attacks, holds crooked elections, attacks other nations without cause, and uses torture on innocent people looking for WMD that don't exist?

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