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The following story does not come as a surprise either to myself or to others who have specific knowledge of the persona involved. It is a subject that, while often talked about on the inside, has never seen the light of day. The reasons for this are quite obvious.
I have a cousin who is a psychiatrist and I made up a resume of the President’s persona , without any identifying information. My cousin read it over carefully and told me that it was his professional, but off the record, opinion that the subject was what is known as a repressed homosexual. Indications of a strong lack of self-worth coupled with obvious self-hatred, the lashing out at perceived establishment types who might be seen as condemning voices, being surrounded by known homosexuals, feelings of rejections and disapproval from his father (the male parent is far more critical of homosexuality in his son than the mother) excessive and petty vindictiveness and a number other less important points are all consistent with such a diagnosis. To this detached and professional opinion, I add the whispered and very snide remarks one hears on a daily basis both inside the disillusioned White House and in places where the elite gather to eat and drink, and I am not bothered by discussing it in public.
‘It seems that Judge Alito has a good-looking son, Philip, and when the family was at the White House recently to meet with Bush and his wife, the President somehow got the son alone and tried to kiss him!
The boy was outraged and told his father that Bush smelled like booze. The father said nothing, wanting the Supreme Court job, but the mother complained to Laura Bush.
Laura told her that ..."George is under so much stress these days, trying to protect America from terrorists that he 'slips' once in a while...."
I immediately passed this to a British newspaperman (Guardian) who shot back that a similar incident had transpired when Bush was visiting in England and it was a subject Not to be Discussed!
Almost ditto from another contact with AFP.
This explains an 8" Gannon sylphing around the White House at night, unescorted.
Could that be considered stretching things a bit?
We can't use this but we sure as hell can pass it around.
We could talk about Mehlman or McClelland but why torment these poor souls? Looking at their pictures, one can see that God has done that already
Right in the middle of the hearing on her husband's suitability for the Supreme Court, Ms Alito suddenly fled from the room, weeping. There was nothing going on at the moment that justified it. My source tells me she is furious because Bush is a pedophile and she is afraid that her son will get nailed by the sick creep. Her husband wants his new job and will do nothing to prevent him from getting into a position where he can destroy Roe v. Wade.

Also, some nation, very hostile to the US, has acquired a former Soviet submarine, the atomic AKULA or TYPHOON. This is a huge sub that carried atomic missiles and can sit, submerged, on the ocean floor for long periods of time, awaiting the signal to fire its payloads. My source is beyond reproach but they do not know about this inside the Beltway at the present time. It's truly amazing what one can get if one has the money. And a crew trained by the Russians into how to operate the sub, its nuclear reactors and its missiles (also purchased were 10....the payload for AKULA is 20. Isn't life fun?’ “
Great blog. Lots of scary posts which should be read by the general public.
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