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i wish i didn't have to write this poembut New Year's wasjust like another day in iraqw/little time for celebrationsoldiers marked off another year at warnew orleans citizenspacked into trailer campsthousands of children missingwhile the average american citizendumbed down by TVdoesn't realizethat the levee was bombedand the real weapon of mass distractionstill sits in the white housetrading civil liberties for oilbig brother bush is watchingas the chicken hawks come home to roostImpeachment- sitting like an owl on a tree limbgoing Whoooooo!!!so i've been looking for optimismshe's been missing since Faithwas found floating in the 7th wardbelly up in the sewagenext to Hopeseems much is needed to keep Hope alivelike more Charitysince FEMA came upuseless as a condom w/a hole in itsee, i wish i didn't have to write this poembut too many homes lack booksso knowledge of self is absentlike fathers shackled in the criminal injustice system-a very criminal system of justicea world wide industrywhere Abu Ghurab,Attica,San Quentin and Guantanamoare just branches of the same treethe interconnectedness of thingsbothers me in my quest to be freeseeking sovereigntyenvironmental disaster swoops like a buzzardwaiting for the last heartbeatso like bob- "u need not be a weatherman to seewhich way the wind blows"Tsunami's and Hurricanesglobal warming and acid rainearth quakes and mudslidesw/no place to hidesoldiers suffering post traumatic stress syndromei wish i didn't have to write this poemas the clock ticks in the brainsof depleted uranium riddled pawnsin this chess game of tyrannyorwellian in the 21rst centuryas the cycle spins out of controlbut someone has to let you knowthere's much more going onthan what they're showing.they're depending on you not knowingso listen to this news i'm bringingi wish i didn't have to write this poembut your 70 inch, flatscreen plasma TVmurdered the american dreamput video games in the hands of yr. kidsso their finger reflexand trigger dexterityis quicker thancritical thoughtis it bloods and cripsor the army recruitment officecollecting data from yr. schoolbe careful chicken hawksprey on yr. childrensend their bloodhounds to sniff them outsend them off to warbut i just thought u should knowthe constitution's been kidnappedby the neo consit's up to you to take it backand i wish i didn't have to write this poemNgoma1-1-2006 a.d.
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So when do we get invaded to remove the rogue government that spies on its own people, gases its own people during anti War protests, stages "terrorist" attacks, holds crooked elections, attacks other nations without cause, and uses torture on innocent people looking for WMD that don't exist?

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