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Why should one more American Occupation Troop die for the Theocratic Islamic Revolution of Iraq? Why should we "borrow" $2,000,000,000,000.00+ from China for these territorial pissings in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan? The War on Terror is a War on Freedom. Our leaders and US Forces took an oath to God to protect and defend the US Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. They have failed and need to step down, Republicans AND Democrats. We have to form a new US Government of Teachers, First Responders, Military, Peace Activists, etc. No More Incumbants, No More Liars!

01/26/06 AFX: Southern Iraq oil exports suspended again due to storm
Crude oil exports from southern Iraq were suspended today for the second time this week following a storm in the Gulf, oil industry and port terminal officials said.
A Soldier assigned to 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward), died of wounds from a rocket attack on his vehicle while conducting combat operations against the enemy near Ramadi, Jan. 25.
01/26/06 AP: Richford man killed by rocket propelled grenade in Iraq
Sgt. Joshua Allen Johnson, 24, from Richford died in surgery in Iraq on Wednesday, about six hours after being injured while riding in an armored Humvee just west of Ramadi, National Guard officials said.
01/26/06 Reuters: Oil tankers attacked with RPG's in Baghdad
Gunmen attacked a convoy of oil trucks with rocket propelled grenades in a western district of the capital, setting at least one truck on fire, police said.
01/26/06 Reuters: Policeman killed in Baghdad
Gunmen killed a policeman and wounded three civilians in southern Baghdad, police said.
01/26/06 Reuters: Two clerics killed in Baghdad
Two clerics were killed and the sister of one of them wounded when gunmen opened fire on their car in southern Baghdad, police said.
01/26/06 AP: Top U.S. general says Army 'stretched'
The top U.S. general in Iraq acknowledged Thursday that American forces in this country are "stretched," but he said he will only recommend withdrawals based on operational needs.
01/26/06 AP: Kansas Soldier Killed in Iraq
18-year-old Private First Class Peter D- Wagler of Partridge and 32-year-old Staff Sergeant Lance M- Chase of Oklahoma City died Monday in Baghdad of wounds they suffered when an explosive device went off near their tank.
01/26/06 AP: Governor identifies dead Vermonter
Vermont National Guard Sgt. Joshua Allen Johnson, 24, from Richford, where he lived with his grandparents, was killed Jan. 25, 2006. Johnson was born in St. Albans.
01/26/06 AP: Four bodies found in Mahoudiya
Police found four bound and blindfolded bodies riddled with bullet holes on Thursday in Mahmoudiya, about 20 miles south of Baghdad, said Capt. Rasheed al-Samaraei.
01/26/06 AP: Kidnapping--killing in Baqubah
Gunmen disguised as Iraqi soldiers kidnapped Hadi al-Dahlaki, owner of a food company, and killed his son Wednesday during a raid on their factory in Baqouba. The al-Dahlaki family is one of Baqouba's wealthiest...
01/26/06 WorldNow: Guardsman Killed in Iraq
Vermont has lost another citizen soldier. The Vermont National Guard has confirmed that a soldier died yesterday in Iraq.
01/26/06 Xinhuanet: Two civilians killed in Baghdad
gunmen attacked a civilian car in Saidiyah district, killing two persons, including Faiz Abdul Amir al-Mussawi, member of the Iraqi Free Prisoners Society, the source said. Another women accompanying Mussawi was also wounded in the attack.
01/26/06 Xinhuanet: Bomb blast rocks western Baghdad
A roadside bomb hit an Interior Ministry minibus carrying detainees in western Baghdad on Thursday. The bomb blast took place near the Um al-Tubol mosque in southwestern Baghdad, but there was no immediate word on casualties
01/26/06 Reuters: Iraqi minister survives deadly attack on convoy
A roadside bomb hit an armed convoy carrying Iraqi Industry Minister Osama Abdel-Aziz al- Najafi on Thursday, killing three bodyguards but leaving him unharmed, his ministry said--convoy was hit near the town of Balad.
01/26/06 CENTCOM: Soldier killed, another wounded in roadside bomb attack
A Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldier was killed and another Soldier was wounded when terrorists detonated a roadside bomb south of Baghdad Jan. 25.
01/26/06 AFP: Five Iraqi soldiers killed by roadside bomb Samarra
On Wednesday five Iraqi soldiers were killed and two wounded in a roadside bomb attack in Samarra, north of Baghdad
01/26/06 AFP: Two Iraqis killed in Kirkuk
In two separate incidents in the northern city of Kirkuk gunmen shot dead two people, Juma Haj Rashid, an official of the main Kurdish political coalition, the Kurdish Alliance, and Uthman Mohammed, a member of the local anti-corruption commission.
01/26/06 AP: Three Iraqi soldiers killed north of Baghdad
North of Baghdad, three Iraqi soldiers were killed and four wounded by another roadside bomb on Wednesday afternoon, police Lt. Amir al-Ahbabi said.
01/26/06 AP: US Soldier Killed South of Baghdad
A U.S. soldier was killed and another wounded by a roadside bomb blast south of Baghdad...The U.S. soldiers belonged to the Multi-National Division Baghdad and were targeted Wednesday, the military said in a statement.
01/25/06 Gulf Daily News: Iraq prepares to release women detainees
Iraq was preparing to release women detainees held in the infamous Abu Ghraib prison ... These would include five of the eight women known to be held by US forces.
01/25/06 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty
Sgt. Sean H. Miles, 28, of Midlothian, Va., was killed in action Jan. 24 from small arms fire while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in Al Karmah, Iraq. He was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division ...
01/25/06 DoD Identifies Army Casualties
Staff Sgt. Lance M. Chase, 32, of Oklahoma City, Okla. ... Pfc. Peter D. Wagler, 18, of Partridge, Kan. ... died in Baghdad, Iraq on Jan. 23, of wounds sustained that day when an improvised explosive device detonated near their M1A2 Abrams tank ...
01/25/06 Reuters: Roadside bomb attack kills five bodyguards in Iahaaqi
A roadside bomb attack on the convoy of army Brigadier Shuja'a al-Saadi killed five of his bodyguards and wounded two others in the town of Ishaaqi, 130 km (80 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.
01/25/06 KTVK: Mother learns son shot in Iraq
24-year-old Marine corporal Christopher Shelhamer had been shot. it went through his side barely missing his spine and it went through his stomach. "They said it missed his spine by 2 inches." He also lost a kidney.
01/25/06 National Guard and Reserve Mobilized as of January 25, 2006
This week, the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard announced a decrease in the number of reservists on active duty, while the Navy had an increase, the Marine number remained unchanged. The result is 3,991 fewer reservists mobilized than last week.
01/25/06 CNN: Three bodies fould in Balad Ruz
About 20 miles (30 kilometers) to the east, in Balad Ruz, Iraqi police also found the bodies of two men and one woman Tuesday, the official said. All had been shot, but it was not known when they had been killed.
01/25/06 CNN: Two policemen killed in Baqubah
In Baquba, to the northeast, gunmen killed two police officers and an employee of the Water Resource Ministry in separate attacks Tuesday, an official with the Diyala Joint Coordination Center told CNN.
01/25/06 AP: TV presenter injured escaping kidnappers
a well-known Iraqi TV presenter described how she jumped off her second-floor balcony Tuesday in southeastern Baghdad to escape five masked gunmen trying to kidnap her and her husband. Nagham Abdul-Zahra spoke is recovering from multiple fractures.
01/25/06 KUNA: Three Iraqis including a TV man killed in attack in Ramadi
Using mortars and light machineguns, gunmen attacked two government buildings where American troops were present in central Ramadi city. American helicopters and artillery were called in to assist. three Iraqis were killed and four others injured.
01/25/06 Reuters: Two bodies found in Iraq
Police found a body, blindfolded and handcuffed, in Iskandariya, 40 km south of Baghdad. Iraqi police found a body dumped in the Euphrates River near the town of Musayyib, blindfolded and hands tied. It had a single bullet wound to the head.
01/25/06 Feza Newspaper: Kidnapped Germans Released in Iraq
Reportedly, two German engineers, and one Iraqi traveling in the same car as another German engineer, who were kidnapped last week, have been released.
01/25/06 News World Communications: Injured soldier 'a beacon of hope'
Capt. Furat-- Christmas Day in an ambush by gunmen disguised as Iraqi soldiers. He somehow survived the destruction of 12 bullets, but one of them cut through his spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down
01/25/06 Xinhuanet: Bike bomb hits central Baghdad, wounding 3
A bike bomb struck a police patrol in a crowded area in central Baghdad on Wednesday, wounding three people, an Interior Ministry source told Xinhua. The blast damaged two police vehicles and wounded two policemen abroad along with a civilian
01/25/06 MNF: Marine killed in al Karmah
A Marine assigned to 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward), was killed in action by small-arms fire while conducting combat operations against the enemy in al Karmah, Jan 24.
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