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Why US/Israel probably CANNOT attack Iran
1) This is the key: If Russia's cutting-edge defensive missiles are already operational in Iran, they are capable of shooting down cruise missiles, ICBMs (from the two German-built Israeli diesel submarines) and F-15s and F-16s from USrael;
2) An attack on the Bashehr site or others in Iran might kill hundreds of Russian technicians; Putin would HAVE to act if his nationals are annihilated; since he holds 7,000 hydrogen bombs ready to fly westward (and southward toward Israel), probably "it's not nice to fool with Mother Russia";
3) at the very least Putin might cut off oil supplies abruptly to Western Europe in the midst of their severest winter in decades, as he is now doing with Ukraine.
4) if USrael slaughters Iranians, this will drive all Muslim regimes, through the power of the outraged masses in the street, into Russia's arms; Pakistan may force Musharraf to abrogate all cooperation with the U.S.;
5) Russia today is not the atheistic, Communist Soviet Union that all Muslims loathed: Putin is a believer, a strong supporter of the Orthodox Church, and is confessed every week by a Father Tikhon—the Koran says Christians are a "people of the Book" and that Jesus was a prophet.
In addition, as I pointed out in the June-July 2005 issue of The Barnes Review, the Russian "Sunburn" missiles can sink any warship in the US Navy. The cavitating torpedos (coated with a giant air-bubble so they slip through the water) travel underwater at hundreds of miles per hour and nothing in the US arsenal can stop them.
American Navy "electric guns" firing a hundred rounds a second were barely adequate to destroy the old cruise missiles and torpedoes; they cannot stop the new Sunburns and especially not the torpedos, which are protected by water. Just as we have seen in a dozen James Bond movies, when somebody on the surface shoots at a frogman, bullets slow to a full halt just a few feet under the water. And the Russian cavitating torpedoes, like the Sunburn cruise missiles, weave, dodge, and maneuver like maniacs. They are designed with the US Navy in mind.
The US fleet in the Persian Gulf would probably suffer catastrophic losses if it attacked Iran. USraeli aviation would probalby suffer catastrophic losses.
The Iranians ("Iran" means "Aryanland") consider themselves to be cousins of the Europeans. They love French culture; they becom enraged if you compare them with semitic Arabs (and they do not usually have a semitic nose, lips or other features); they look back proudly on the mighty empires of their past (such as ancient Persia, which only an Alexander the Great could conquer, and the Sassanids, who cleaned the Roman Empire's clock many times); and now these Iranians are endowing an institute just to dismantle the Holocaust myth. (Thus, they have embraced a direct recommendation made recently by Robert Faurisson to them.)
They are fully committed to the ultimate showdown. The Supreme Ayatollah Khamenei has backed up President Ahmedinajad, a former commando, explicitly, including about the Holocaust.
And the Shiite version of Islam embraces martyrdom.
The U.S. cannot even control Iraq, a flat country of 27 mio. Iran is a mountainous country of 75 million with a Russian ally. Pakistan, which has its own nuclear weapons, has announced it supports Iran.
So all the USraeli threats may be a bluff. It all depends on point number one being already valid.
P.S. I sent out a message on Russia before Christmas; I have proof I sent it; but apparently no one got it except one person to whom I sent by snail mail the printable version, and it was erased from my Yahoo "sent" folder. It's all more proof that the NSA is illegally spying on certain Americans who have what the current German regime legally calls "criminal energy."
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