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The plot to defeat our liberty
For any form of tyranny to succeed, there have to be people who roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Repression doesn't just happen. It has to be organized, arranged, justified and marketed to a willing populace. In other words, it takes a team.

It's WWIII, and out of ideas
The war on terror, or the war of terror, has tentacles that reach much of the globe. It is a world war.

Occupation: The Inconvenient Truth About Iraq
This is an occupation, not a war.

OCCUPIED BAGHDAD -- Shiite militiamen rampaged through a Baghdad neighborhood Sunday morning, killing more than 50 people and leaving many of the bodies littering the streets, according to Iraqi officials and witnesses. The attacks were apparently retaliation for a car bombing at a Shiite mosque the night before.
The rampage in the Jihad neighborhood was in apparent retaliation for the Saturday night car bombing of a Shiite mosque that killed two and wounded nine. Sunni leaders expressed outrage over the Sunday attacks, referring to them as a “massacre.”

US Officers Ignored Massacre Reports Some marines may face charges of murder after Iraqi survivors and witnesses claimed a fire team moved from house to house, throwing in hand grenades and shooting the occupants. The squad was said to have been incensed by the death of a fellow marine in a roadside bombing and went on the rampage.

US Military Ready for 'Pain' Over Iraqi Killings

Reuters: U.S., Iraqi forces besiege Shi'ite mosque -police
U.S. and Iraqi forces with armoured vehicles surrounded a Shi'ite mosque in southeastern Baghdad after dark on Saturday in what appeared to be the latest operation against Shi'ite militias, police said.

At Least 2 Killed in Car Bomb Blast in Baghdad
At least two people were killed and nine were injured in a car bomb blast in Baghdad, AP reported citing a statement of local police. The attack was carried out near a mosque in the western part of the Iraqi capital.

Reuters: Sunni cleric killed in Baghdad
A Sunni cleric was killed by gunmen wearing uniforms of Iraq's security forces, the Sunni Iraqi Islamic party said.

Reuters: Two bodies found in Khalis
Two bodies with gunshot wounds to the head were found in the town of Khalis, just north of Baquba, police said.

Reuters: Two beheaded bodies found in Baquba
Police found two beheaded bodies in the religiously mixed town of Baquba, 65km (40 miles) north of Baghdad, police sources said.

Three Soldiers assigned to 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (FWD) died due to enemy action while operating in Al Anbar Province today. The names of the deceased are being withheld pending notification of next of kin and release by...

AFP: Baghdad buzzing with talk about 'Shiite Zarqawi'
Sadr City and Internet bulletin boards buzzed with talk that a US-Iraqi raid on the poor Shiite district that killed nine was targeting a militiaman nicknamed the "Shiite Zarqawi".

US military convoy attacked by insurgents west of Baghdad
A roadside bomb and mortar rockets struck a US military convoy in the town of Karma near Fallujah, 70 kilometers west of Baghdad, killing and wounding a number of US soldiers on Saturday, a police source said.

AP: Gunmen fire on Sunni mosque in west Baghdad's Ghazaliya neighborhood
gunmen in two speeding car fired Saturday on a Sunni mosque in west Baghdad's Ghazaliya neighborhood. Mosque guards returned fire and the attackers fled, police Capt. Jamil Hussein said.

AP: Gunmen kill three in ice cream shop
Elsewhere, gunmen Saturday killed three people working in an ice cream shop in the mostly Shiite Baghdad neighborhood of Nahrawan, police Lt. Fikrat Mohammed said.

Neo-Nazis infiltrating the US military
Neo-Nazi and white supremacist hate groups are taking advantage of relaxed recruiting standards to infiltrate the US military to get combat training!

U.S. Military Braces for Flurry of Criminal Cases in Iraq
No American serviceman has been executed since 1961. But in the past month, new cases in Iraq have led to charges against 12 American servicemen who may face the death penalty in connection with the killing of Iraqi civilians. Military officials caution against seeing the cases as part of any broader pattern, noting that the incidents in question are isolated and rare. But the new charges represent an extraordinary flurry in a conflict that has had relatively few serious criminal cases so far.

Last November in Haditha , a squad of Marines, outraged at the loss of a comrade, is said to have run amok, avenging his death by killing two dozen innocent bystanders. And in March, U.S. soldiers in Mahmudiyah allegedly raped a young Iraqi woman and killed her along with three of her relatives -- an apparently premeditated crime for which one former U.S. soldier has been charged . These incidents are among at least five recent cases of Iraqi civilian deaths that have triggered investigations of U.S. military personnel. If the allegations prove true, Haditha and Mahmudiyah will deservedly take their place alongside Sand Creek, Samar and My Lai in the unhappy catalogue of atrocities committed by American troops.
But recall a more recent incident, in Samarra . On May 30, U.S. soldiers manning a checkpoint there opened fire on a speeding vehicle that either did not see or failed to heed their command to stop. Two women in the vehicle were shot dead. One of them, Nahiba Husayif Jassim, 35, was pregnant. The baby was also killed. The driver, Jassim's brother, had been rushing her to a hospital to give birth. No one tried to cover up the incident: U.S. military representatives issued expressions of regret.

Reuters: Four children killed by motart fire in northern Baghdad
Four children were killed and 38 wounded when four mortars struck an open field in the northern Baghdad district of Kadhimiya on Friday night, the U.S. military said in a statement.

Rapist's GI Comrades Targetted for Revenge
Two dead soldiers, eight more to go, vow avengers of Iraqi girl's rape! Residents of Mahmoudiyah claim that they had long been alarmed by the way some US troops took an interest in their womenfolk.

4 GIs Charged in Iraq Rape-Slaying Case
Three U.S. soldiers have been charged with rape and murder and a fourth with dereliction of duty in the alleged rape-slaying of a young Iraqi woman and the killings of her relatives in Mahmoudiya, the military said Sunday.

U.S. investigators have asked Iraqi authorities to help them navigate cultural sensitivities to exhume the body of a teenager allegedly raped and murdered with her family by American soldiers
In the chow halls and barracks, many soldiers remain convinced that the alleged rape and killings in Mahmoudiya were aberrations and that most American service members respect the rules of war.

U.S. military academy officials say they have made solid progress in curbing sexual assaults on campuses, but one former cadet who says she was raped alleges that little has changed.
The country's military academies have faced more scrutiny since 2003, when women at the Air Force Academy in Colorado alleged that they had been assaulted by fellow cadets and were either ignored or ostracized by commanders when they stepped forward.Sexual-assault allegations have also surfaced since then at the Naval and Coast Guard academies. Officials said they have worked hard to improve critical areas such victim support and confidentiality.

AFP: Iraqi police rife with abuse, corruption
Iraq's police force is riddled with corruption and its officers have been involved in abductions, murders and prisoner rape...The confidential Iraqi Ministry of Interior documents, which detail more than 400 police corruption investigations

I am disappointed that the President spoke on Independence Day to soldiers and their families at Fort Bragg without putting forth a new plan for Iraq. The President instead stuck to his old “stay the course” slogan saying “I’m not going to allow the sacrifice of 2,527 troops who have died in Iraq to be in vain by pulling out before the job is done.”
Further advances in Iraq can only be accomplished by the Iraqis. They must fight for their own unity and for their own freedom. Our military has accomplished its mission in Iraq. It is time that we bring them home.

West mounts 'secret war' to keep nuclear North Korea in check,,2089-2261782,00.html
Intelligence agencies, navies and air forces from at least 13 nations are quietly co-operating in a “secret war” against Pyongyang and Tehran.

"The detention of Hamas parliamentarians in the early hours of Thursday morning had been planned several weeks ago and received approval from Mazuz on Wednesday. "

Once the dust settled from the last Revolution (you know, where we kicked out the old corrupt government, by any means necessary, and started a new one?), Thomas Jefferson participated in the writing of a set of tenets and laws that have laid down the essentials of government in the new United States of America. These tenets and laws have, for the most part, served this nation well for over 200 years.
This information, forged out of The American Revolution, was "The Plan" of which you speak, Mr. Reader. After it was set as formal "law" in this new nation, the 'governors' went back to their actual trades, and life went on. These weren't 'career politicians', such as the greedy lot we have now. They went back to LIVING THEIR LIVES, except now all those pesky, fascist, war-mongering, egotistical Brits weren't in their way anymore (to be fair, it took awhile after the signing of the Declaration of Independence to get the point across, but The Realm eventually got it).
Life went forward in the "new country". And it was tough as hell for awhile, but it DID get better, as history now shows us.
Life would be tough from a real "revolution" today. Life as WE know it now (WE being the current citizens of the United States, born anywhere between 1900 and today) would radically change. And I submit to you that it will SUCK, compared to the quality of life we've been used to. Many won't be able to handle it--as with any other revolution in history, "only the strong would survive". Thus, many of us would die.
But I maintain--as many of my fellow countrymen and women do--that if we don't do something about the jeopardy our countries' ideals are in now, we are doomed to a hell none of us would ever submit to willingly, and that the Jeffersons, Washingtons, etc. would actually wage all-out war against, rather than face. I say that an America having rid itself once and for the current corrupt government--one that daily demonstrates total fealty to another soverign nation, putting it above THEIR OWN--will FIND a statesman worthy of the ability to help lay out a new set of tenets, ones that allow us to PUNISH these traitors we haven't been able to remove from our midst in any other way. That will be your "hero", but you won't know it now--only history will be able to judge that. And if you, Mr. Reader, believe that someone who points out wrongdoing in government isn't a "hero", then you might want to step back and take a good long look in the mirror. Maybe it's just that you're one of the "wrongdoers", and simply labor under the delusion that "Joe American" isn't smart enough to see that reflected in the ideals of YOUR letter.
Sharing that rather patronizing sentiment can be a fatal flaw--that you think of yourself as somehow 'smarter' than the average person. During the Revolution that is surely coming, guys like you better stock up on the most provisions, and have plenty of guns. Because with an attitude like that, Joe American is liable to shoot your lofty ass himself if you were ever stupid enough to ask him for help in the "aftermath". Joe American is sick and tired of this bullshit, and will get "mixed up in politics" is that's what it takes to rid our country of the scum that is now running roughshod over it. Joe American is smart enough to remember history, even if you're not. Our forefathers had to sacrifice a lot to give us the freedom to "raise (our) kids and make a decent living and someday retire" But in case you hadn't noticed, all us Joe (and Jane) Americans in the here and now are having a hard time doing that anyway, because of the current warmongering, rampant zionism, and downright plundering of our country's natural resources, our tax dollars and treasury, our armies, our infrastructure, and our international reputation, in order to support that warmongering. We have precious little else to lose at this point, and everything to gain. You see, MANY other citizens of other countries think of US, NOW, in the same way that the early American colonists thought of the British. I'm sick of being thought of that way, and I would lay down my life to defend what America is supposed to stand for. Would you? Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. If we continue on our current course, we are fucked ANYWAY. So let the revolution begin. Stand up and be with it, or sit down, roll over, and go back to sleep. With the attitude in your letter, it looks to me like you'd just be in the way anyway...
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